Free Original Loop For Your Game + 3 Professional Songs for $320

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Affordable Tunes In Numerous Styles including Chiptune, RPG, Ethnic, Childrens Game, Science Fiction, Rock and Epic.

> Free Menu Screen/Game Over Loops For All Developers.
> Limited Offer For first 5 developers, get three original songs for $320.
> Single Songs $120 per song.
> Developer Gets Full Rights!

I'd like to humbly submit my services to the developers here at the glbasic forums. I've been creating video game soundtracks for over ten years and use a host of professional-grade tools. I have performed in bands and created soundtracks for several iOS, Nintendo DS and Android games.

I'm a huge fan of classic game soundtracks and try to capture a bit of the 8-bit flavor while providing modern instrumentation. I also like to create orchestral tracks and CRPG style tracks. I strive to create atmospheric tracks that create excitement and add ambience to games. Professional iOS apps feature crisp, fluid graphics, so why not have a sound track to match?

Just check out my SoundCloud page for various examples of my work. For a limited time, you can get a title track and two in-game tracks creating specifically to match your upcoming glbasic game for a low price of $320. This is only available to the first 5 requestors. I'll also create single tracks for $120 each. This is a fraction of what you'd pay normally for a unique track. This price include full rights, meaning the song is 100% yours. Every game should have unique music and I won't be reselling your tracks to others.

To show you what you'd get for your money, I'll also provide uniquely created short, looping background track, perfect for a menu screen, game over screen or configuration screen totally free! It's yours to use whether you'd like any further tracks or not. Everything I create is customized to the style and feel of your game.

I want your project to sound as polished as it can without breaking the bank. I can afford to offer such low prices because I love what I do. Send me a private message today to get your free short loop and find out more about my services.


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its was me that let him reposted again after im noticed him about the database lost. Its should proporty been moved to the Job offers / Hire a coder forum.

He was a very excellenet guy to work with him, which did the music & sound for my game, Karma Miwa and is highly recommended.

here is what the sound is like:

His link is:

Genius.Greedy Mouse - Karma Miwa - Spot Race - CatchOut - PowerUp Elevation - The beagle Jam - Cave Heroes 2023 -


That was dumb of me, I was recreating my post from the old forum and completely forgot the link.