Pseudo 3D car/vehicles etc etc

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I saw your latest video, the engine is really advanced. :good:


Ah, you saw version #3 then, eh ?

The next thing will be decided on the players size, finding a suitable object and then getting it animated.  Going to have to get a 3D editor for that, I think...


Uau, that is a case!! :good:

My only complain is that the player´s position is too off screen when going down a hill, but I guess that is an easy adjustment to what you have so far and that such adjustment needs the actual player.

I´m not sure you need a 3d package yet, your player could be a 3d box that you can easily render out of glb itself saved as bmp.
If those sprites match, then you have a good thing going. :good:

Again, I´d advise that the floor ground should always be visible.
You did see the isle gamebuino game I talked about before right?


Yes,  the positioning I want to update, so that it can go flying over hills without the camera adjusting its height - but that sort of thing will come much later.

Once the player size has been fixed, I can then get the collision detection up and running along with the tiles.

Quoteisle gamebuino game
Yes - its very clever!