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It would be interesting to re-visit (and totally complete with a view to being fully release) my pseudo 3D game.  There is, as usual, one ever-so-slight problem : Lack of artistic skills :)  And lack of suitable free graphics.

I have got an engine already (as seen in the showroom), and I believe I sorted out what was causing the jiggling. 

The main need is graphics - for everything (cars, side scenery and background), of which there will be a lot.


Sorry,I draw much like a 6 year old child.

Ian Price

If I only had the time... :(
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Quote from: monkeybot1968 on 2015-Sep-09
Sorry,I draw much like a 6 year old child.
This is my latest masterpiece...


hehe, might be a quick draw, but I think the cat´s face carries expression!

A racer would be cool, specially during these "8-bit racer 80s" time.
I´m short on time these much life stuff taking over.

But I sure can share some ideas:
If possible, please please super please, don´t break the resolution and skip transparencies.
The latest 8-bit racers I checked are all resolution broken, ye, the road´s polygons are at my state resolution while car and assets along the road are hardcore pixellated. Keep the art on the level of your road resolution at all costs. Secondly, please, don´t use transparent effects, like dust and so on, they make the game feel visually poor (imho).

I have lately delved into low res low color games, and Jonnection did a really well Hang Out clone here:

Page 3 has some animgifs of it and page 5 has some cars.

Gameplay wise, I would not delve too far away from classics like LOTUS.

What is the workload you have in mind? Any style favored?

Ian Price

That Hang-On inspired game, Isle of Maniax, looks awesome. That's definitey my cup of tea - OutRun, Hang-O, Enduro Racer - the SEGA saga!
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Yep, it is pretty good.

Also, you can go for 3d cars, like the trend of low poly pixel art texture.
This should easy up the amount of assets required.

Here an example:

Notice how Kennethfejer renders the first image, so the 3d resolution respects that of the texture. ;)
You could also do a paper cut model so fans of the game can play it real. :P

EDIT: Don´t forget to check the marvelous album REDLINE by Lazerhawk for inspiration, I´m sure you and Ian are going to enjoy it! :)


Yes, I would like to keep it much like Lotus Challenge (but with a few extra things).

Kitty Hello

Does anyone remember SuperSprint? We played that a lot since it was multiplayer...


Ian Price

Yep, Super Sprint was truly great as a multi-player arcade game - second only to Gauntlet. :)
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Altough I dare say that gauntlet did not age well at all, while Super sprint is all fine today. just mho.

Ian Price

I disagree - Gauntlet is just as much fun and just as playable as it's always been.

Graphically very few games hold up after 30 years (although I still love the graphics), but the gameplay is where these type of games matter. And Gauntlet has it in spades.
I came. I saw. I played.


I sure want to clash my arguments with yours to check if my stand may change. :good:
But I will make a new thread about such so we don´t hijack Tatoad´s quest.

On topic, I play around a few communities of gfx people, I´d say it is important to have a good figure about what is needed.
You can check lotus sprite sheet to see what is up, and in a case of a racer like that, there are too many options on game design that can change gfx completely, the amount and quantities.

If you are using scaling, maybe you just need the closest sprite version to the camera (no closest, a bit before) and a version of the cars sideways and a few sets up and a bit less down.
If you are using 3d cars plotted over the road, you may need less art and more coding.
If you are going the lotus way, you may want specific art for a variation of depth sprites. It is always good to check the sprite sheets of those games.

I can recommend some communities, but you must know what is exactly that you want, specially in quantities, if they are to take the job seriously.

I can help a bit every now and then, I really would like to do such project as I always loved those racers...have plans myself for such, but no time and I´m a noob coder when it comes to speed.


I've enquire on OpenGameArt to see if anyone knows of any free sprites (or is willing to do some).  If someone is willing to contemplate it, then I can detail exactly what will be needed.