Author Topic: Whats step do you take to convert b3d to GLBasics ddd  (Read 1204 times)

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Hi Guys

What steps do you do to convert b3d to GLBasic DDD format, I tried to convert from b3d to 3ds first, then convert it to ddd, but the problem with this is that it does not retain the child entity names, they get overwritten by number. Is there a way of doing this, but retaining the models names?

I got milkshape and unwrap3d 2.x

Kind Regards

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I use FragMotion, export from B3D to MD2, then import the MD2 into GLBasic using the inbuilt GLB 3D Converter.

But any file converter that will convert from B3D to MD2(.X should work too) that also converts the B3D animation from bones to MD2 mesh, should work. As I have said, FragMotion works fine for me.

Milkshape or Unwrap3D may already do this?


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