DDgui_set without DDgui_pushdialog

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I am using DDGui only for some specific parts of my application. That means that I sometimes use DDgui_msg() without an actual Dialog. The problem is that I can't set the color scheme without one. When I try to call for example DDgui_set("","COL_NORM",RGB(0,0,0)) the program just crashes. I know I could "hardcode" the colors but thats not a nice solution. Is there another way?


It will crash without a dialog window due to there being nothing on the stack that it uses.   Probably the only way to do overwrite it would be to call ddgui_init and use ddgui_set after it is called.

Or perhaps even easier - modify ddgui_msg to call the "COL_xxx" set of commands inside the function.

Kitty Hello

The colxxx are global variables, no?


They are in a TYPE, which is used by a global array!