Jnr Platform Example #1

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"JNR" (http://jnrdev.72dpiarmy.com/) has got an excellent tutorial on how to do platform games.  As the original is in C, I decided it needed converting to GLBasic, and included with this post is the result of the first example.

I wont post the source code just yet as I need to put the original comments back in (and add some of my own).

In this example : Movement and Jumping
In the next example : Slopes!

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Good stuff. Fast routine.

The next tutorial involving slopes uses an equation to calculate the 45 degree angle. I wonder if that's faster than pixel by pixel collision detection.


Very nice, It will be nice to see how GLB fares against the mighty C in this tutorial!  :good:


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the url not working anymore, and this is a sticky post.... (even I not really need it, but people might find it useful of course).
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Yes, his website has been gone for a while now :(


If you want I have the zip of the three examples of the tutorial.

You can download them here: https://rapidshare.com/files/1966457946/JNRPlatformTutorial.7z