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I've had a little play around with the SEUCK and have been loving it.

One question though, is it possible to cross compile for other platforms?  IE. Build on Windows compile for the Wiz

as I see this as a nice tool for making quick games for other platforms.

Or is the goal to use it as an introduction to games programming (Much like it was on the C64) and get people playing with GLBasic more.

Kitty Hello

Yes. Definitely. I will produce binary stubs for other platforms in a while. Quite busy these days, soz.


I am definitely looking forward to the stubs for the other systems.  My one daughter and I are having fun creating a SEUCK game.  It's called Garden Defenders and when we get further I'll post some screenshots.

Thanks a lot for this.  BTW, I purchased GLBasic full version a few weeks ago.  After I am done our SEUCK game I have some plans for that.  =D 


garden defenders?

equals "worm whomper"?  :good:
in hoc signo vinces