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Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« on: 2021-Dec-04 »
if I always have to save to disk as I did before, nothing changes with the update  :|
Thanks for the information

Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« on: 2021-Dec-02 »
help me good people
To improve the custom shoebox for audio files because there is no MEM2SOUND command or something similar I'm using Gernot's excellent solution of using memory as a file.
It works fine for bmp, jpg, png, wav files but not for avi, mp3 (what I need :(). I think it is a win10 problem. Do you have any ideas about it?
Ciao a tutti

FAQ / Re: Missing Forums Attachments
« on: 2021-Nov-24 »
thank you  :good:

FAQ / Re: Missing Forums Attachments
« on: 2021-Nov-23 »
Corrupted attachment in this post:
Is it possible to reactivate?
Thank you

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Nov-17 »
this is a great job, congratulations SnooPI and thanks for sharing it

sorry Erico for this situation, don't hesitate to ask for help
Unity is strength   :good:

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine Demo
« on: 2021-Nov-16 »
Thanks SnooPI but I don't want to rush you, now I'm working on a 2D job and then I'll see some things done in 3D.  :good:

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine Demo
« on: 2021-Nov-15 »
thanks SnooPI always a great job.
When are some examples in GLB?

Announcements / Re: New BETA
« on: 2021-Oct-20 »
couple of months? maybe, a couple of days are enough for me and I'm all over again.
 :blink: =D  :good:

Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« on: 2021-Oct-15 »
Thanks Gernot for this very very interesting secret.  :good:
I will try to apply it to my custom shoebox where I save and reload some files.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-16 »
MrPlow  thank you, i will try.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-16 »
I can not help you. Since compiling with android studio i have never been able to build. By the way, if anyone of good will wanted to write a mini tutrial, he would be welcome.  :giveup:

Announcements / Re: Manic Miner GLB
« on: 2021-Aug-07 »
a nice job and thanks for the source, you are great   :booze:
ad maiora

GLB beta 16.947 correctly loads compression level 2-3-4-7-8-9 saved with Gimp

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
unfortunately with GLBasic IDE, Version: 16.947 is not fixed
Or better now version 16.947 loads the png and jpg but not "nihil.png" that I have attached previously.
However it's a minor problem because I think something is wrong with that file.
Now I think it's okay.

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