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Android API-18 SDK for glbasic v5 (06-11-2013)

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here is the sdk and ndk used in this android folder (you should backup yours before trying this folder of course):
SDK used: and include api-14 and api-16 platforms. default pointing to api-14

api-16 can been changed to api-14, if you change --target "android-16" to --target "android-14" in the file Android\bin\glb_build.bat.  api 8 is not included, but here you can use that one include by glbasic and copy that to the platfroms folder (im thinks you can see the structure how the sdk works here).

This also include AndroidExtras as well.

EDIT 06-05-2014 - include ANDROIDEXTRAS v2.2 with SDK API-18, require installation for easier replacing correctly files:

here is as new version, which contain anything im use in the Android folder for API-16 and should also works with AndroidExtras and OUYA too (v1.4 Beta 2 is included here):

PS. With this time its being uploaded right now and will take about half hour (total size should been 448.151.559 bytes).

This is very appreciated Spacefractal, thank you!  :nw:
BTW IIRC this solves the non-responding ADB problem too for the  newer Jellybean releases.

 :nw: now it compile fine  :nw:

testing on ouya this night !

thanks, one thimg im did disabled, this version does not try to install automatic under compiling. you must done that trought ADB manually (which is what im prefer, because its sometimes stuck to much).

Howover here is the bat file im uses:

--- Code: (glbasic) ---adb.exe install -r "D:\Dokumenter\Programmer\Glbasic\GLBasic\Karma_Miwa\distribute\Android\bin\glbasic-debug.apk"

--- End code ---

if ADB stuck, use this for OUYA:

--- Code: (glbasic) ---adb kill-server 
echo 0x2836 >> "%USERPROFILE%\.android\adb_usb.ini" 
adb start-server

--- End code ---

more info:

PS. Im like to see what you doing with the sdk of course  =D


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