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[Released] iXors3D Header Update and Library Update (ver 0.111)

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GLBasic Header Update and Library Update (ver 0.111)

Get em on the blog at

--- Quote ---iXors3D is a very powerful engine for the iPhone.

A simple description would be "Blitz3D for the iPhone" but this would not do it justice IMHO, it goes way beyond Blitz3D in certain areas.

--- End quote ---

Have fun,


not tested yet but wh00t  :D

I have been using iXors3d and c for the last two weeks and it rocks. This addition to GLBASIC is really cool, thanks Ian.  :enc:


What version of the iXors3d lib are you using? ie: Is it a trial lib? I have the full bought version and when I tried to substitute my lib, I had problems compiling on the MAC. It might just be me being stupid, but before I try figure out what the problem is I need to know if its possible to use my version. I know from watching the iXors3d forum that the author was "tweaking" things for you along the way. Have these tweaks been included in the latest version of the bought lib?


OOPS - Just read your documentation, please ignore my post....... :-[

I ran the maze example on my iTouch and it works but no movement. IE: The Accelerometer does not seem to be registering. This could be a problem on my side, but I have managed to use the Accelerometer using iXors3d and obj-c. (Strange)

Can you please confirm that the exact example above allows movement for you? Thanks


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