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Blender export filter for GLBasic .dda

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Kitty Hello:
Find the blender export filter here:

and copy it to C:\Program Files\BlenderFoundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

Kitty Hello:
Fixed version. Now (hopefully) the transformation of rotated objects should be considered correctly every time. And the normal vertices are correct, too.

Kitty Hello:
Hehe. Old thread.
I fixed the script to work with 2.5.5 (beta) and I found a bug in GLBasic that didn't use proper normals for dda models. If you saved them to ddd, everything was fine, though.

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I wish there was a lightwave->glbasic object converter, but currently I can export obj into blender and try that way. lightwave objects are easy to read, they are text files, would that be difficult to read?

+1 for Lightwave format. I'm actually licensed LW user and most comfortable with it. I have had moderate success with exporting obj files from LW to GLB.

LWO files are ordinary txt format indeed, as well as LWS (LW scene files, for animation).


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