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COMPETITION 2019 - Mini Thermal Printers

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Kitty Hello:
Folks, I'm so amazed about my new gadget. A thermal printer (see attached image).

I've got GLBasic code running, that can send a sprite image to that printer via bluetooth on your Android device. (You can use the BT library to talk to any bluetooth device, btw.)

For the competition you get a few functions in a library and this test project:

--- Code: (glbasic) --- LOADSPRITE "Media/test.png", 101

LOCAL printer_pixels_width% = 384 // must be editable by user. Default = 384
DitherSprite(101, printer_pixels_width) // id%, cut_width%

// Show the dithered image - you can save or use that for debugging/preview

// List all paired BT devices - user must pick one from the list
LOCAL devs$[]

// connect to one of the string in devs$[]
BT_connect("BlueTooth Printer")

// do print the image pixels

// close connection

// some more paper and cut (if device lets you do this)


--- End code ---

You will also get a function to pick a picture from camera or from the gallery.

The BlueTooth-Library attached is cross-platform and can talk to any BlueTooth device with raw data streams.

That's all you need. Now join the competition and write a software for that printer with the given functions. A demo project is attached. It might not compile for Android, but the function names wil stay as they are. I did tests and all is working great. Ready? Set? GO!

Do samething amazing. Something creative. Something funny. Something that makes one want to get such a printer.

The 1st prize is such a printer. Shiny new device, sparkling on your table, purring in your pocket.
2nd to 3rd price: Printer paper

Competition ends at March, 1st 2019.

PS.Spread the word - I'm not very connected in social media anymore  :good:

Edit - See my test project and the final libraries attached.

This is great! I wanted to do thermal printer before using GLB.

So GLB 'can' print :)

Ian Price:
Sounds cool :)

Aha, I had a similar device when I was a boy for my ZXSpectrum. It printed on shiny silver paper and made a lot of noise. It was great fun, though it made your fingers silver too from the weird paper it used.  :happy:

Can the same be done to send from Desktop to printer via BT or USB?


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