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I have ben looking around the forum and yet not find any post about java and inline in GLBasic but the mention is still abaliable since v11. The help is not helping in this point, so I wonder: is it possible to inline java commands in GLBasic? And so on, it is possible to call funtions, classes, etc from a .java file?

I´m testing a free engine which is able to compile for Win/OSX/Linux/IOS/android and provides all the stuff of the full API in .java files. My goal is to get it working in GLBasic, so a little example on how to get it done will be appreciated.

It's will newer been possible. Glbasic is wrote in c++.

It's only been possible with android, but it's uses own java system using virtual machine, so it's not compatible with normal java. Here it's call java directly, no in-line.

Ok, thank you for the insight. :)
I will just keep looking for an alternative to enrich GLbasic.

A doubt that came around. Bullet Physics is full coded in C++. So... will be possible to "inline" them?

I believe so. :good:
It has been done before to a certain level.


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