GLBasic User Manual

Main sections

GPC-GLBasic Precompiler

The heart of the GLBasic development environment is the GPC precompiler. It takes a list of .gbas files and converts them to .cpp files that you can compile with a g++ (gcc) C++ compiler to machine code. Since version 8 the GPC is freely accessible and thus can be used from a 3rd party IDE, which is not recommended since the GLBasic IDE offers a lot of GLBasic specific aid.
The following syntax is used when calling the GPC:

-N"Project Name" (for names with spaces, directly connect the quotes to the parameter)
-O"Output prefix (with path)"
-P"Project path" (without trailing "\")
-D - Debug version
-F - Fullscreen
-X640 - Width
-Y480 - Height
-R60 - Frame rate
-M0 - Multisample factor
-EXPLICIT - Explicit declarations
-pNAME=value - Preprocessor definitions (e.g. -pGLB_CONSOLE=1 -pWIN32=1 -pGLB_VERSION=8.01)
-L - License info bits 0=2D, 1=3D, 2=NET (only relevant for warnings)

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