GLBasic User Manual

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SETSHOEBOX data$, media$

Specifies a shoebox file from which data can be loaded. Commands that can use shoeboxes (like LOADBMP) will try and find the filename specified with the command first. If the file cannot be found it will check for the file (removing any path information) within the shoebox.

Shoeboxes are compressed archives of files from within a single folder. Under the tool menu you can find a program (shoebox) that you can use to create shoeboxes.

data$ specifies a shoebox file for the commands LOADSPRITE, LOADSOUND, LOADFONT, LOADBMP, BLENDSCREEN, GETFILE

media$ specifies a shoebox file for the commands PLAYMUSIC, PLAYMOVIE, LOOPMOVIE

Path information is ignored when checking a shoebox for a datafile.

// Create a ShoeBox with the tool from the menu:
// Tools/ShoeBox
// - Select a folder (..\GLBasic\Projects\Samples\Media\ShoeBox)
// - Shoebox will be created: ..\Media\ShoeBox.sbx

// data files, | media files
SETSHOEBOX "ShoeBox.sbx", ""

// Try loading the file from the HDD. If it does not exist,
// try to load it from the specified shoebox. Path does not matter
LOADBMP "blah/blah/ShoeBox_file.bmp"


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