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GLBasic Showroom


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Map - Demo

mapdemomini.jpgMy next - "Map" Demo. Just - images. Enjoy.

Gem Rain

Version: 1.2 Platform: Windows No gems can be dropped in this test of endurance and reflex. Slide your pads to catch the falling gems, pick up bonus' and power-ups. Miss a gem and lose a bat. Complete a level and gain a pad. Suitable for anyone with easy to start low levels to challenging high levels, and modifiable gem rows and pads. Includes background music. Also available for the iPhone/iPod Touch with OpenFeint. gemrainmini.png

Bouncing Lines IV

bouncinglinesivmini.pngJust a collection of bouncing lines on a changing background.

Welcome to the Matrix

Ich habe den Drang gehabt, eine Matrixanimation zu schreiben... Ich suchte mir also ein Bild mit einigen Symbolen und fing kurzerhand an was "hinzuschreiben"... Das kam dabei heraus (Programm + Code im .Zip). Arbeitszeit ca. 5 Minuten^^welcometothematrixmini.jpg


clipboardmini.pngCopy / Paste text from/to clipbaord on Win32,Linux and OSX. *NEW* With source code.


Game Poker Casinopokermini.png

Black Sun

blacksunmini.jpgThis is a link to video, from Black Sun Beta 0.1, is a classical space ships games for WIZ and Iphone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyutxDEhSTE

Guichan Main Demo Program

This is a preview of Guichan's GUI system running in GLBasic. The GUI is multi-platform and with the GLBasic interface system should be easy to use. Included is the Windows version only. Note that this isn't finished yet - keyboard use is being processed too fast at the momentguichanmaindemoprogrammini.jpg


AC3DPolymini.pngLoad and use 2D AC3D models as if they were simple SPRITEs. This gives you access to real vector graphics in 2D. Update: Can use polylines and draws these using POLYVECTOR. That way you can have the glowing-lines as in "GeometryWars" for FREE! Update (V0.97): Collisions on rotated objects possible, faster for iPhone.


This is a first preview image of my little BeatBox pattern sequencer.beatboxmini.png


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