GLBasic Showroom


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JNR Platform Example #2

jnrplatformexample2mini.pngThis is a conversion of JNR platform example #2 ( from C to GLBasic This example just deals with moving left and right, jumping and slopes Use cursor left and right to move and left shift to jump. With this example, I've slowed things down slightly as I felt the first example ran a bit too quickly. Now compatible with V8.064 beta

JNR Platform Example #3

Third and final part of the JNR ( platform example conversion - this one puts the previous examples to good use and adds in scrollling... Now compatible with V8.064 betajnrplatformexample3mini.png

Vector Editor

vectoreditormini.pngVersion : This program allows you to create and edit your own vector graphics. Up to 9 groups, many different user cell options and the ability to undo any mistakes makes this a great program! Also included is an example code showing how to read and display the vector in your own programs

Graphics to DATA conversion

This program converts PNG or BMP files into compressed DATA statements, ready for your program to read the data in and create sprites from them. It takes around 29 seconds to decompress an all-white 4096x4096 graphic - only a simple RLE compression system is used.graphicstodataconversionmini.png

Basic Graphic Demo

basicgraphicdemomini.pngA small, boring and basic graphic demo


My next Demo. Enjoy.snowmini.jpg

Useful Code Viewer

usefulcodeviewermini.pngThis program allows you to view, add and copy to the clipboard code from 5 sections : Extended Types, Types, Functions, Subroutines and Constants. With this updated version, I've added an INLINE tab, and all the data is stored in one file.

Excel interface

Interact with MS Excel through this library.excelinterfacemini.png

Map - Demo

mapdemomini.jpgMy next - "Map" Demo. Just - images. Enjoy.

Gem Rain

Version: 1.2 Platform: Windows No gems can be dropped in this test of endurance and reflex. Slide your pads to catch the falling gems, pick up bonus' and power-ups. Miss a gem and lose a bat. Complete a level and gain a pad. Suitable for anyone with easy to start low levels to challenging high levels, and modifiable gem rows and pads. Includes background music. Also available for the iPhone/iPod Touch with OpenFeint. gemrainmini.png

Bouncing Lines IV

bouncinglinesivmini.pngJust a collection of bouncing lines on a changing background.

Welcome to the Matrix

Ich habe den Drang gehabt, eine Matrixanimation zu schreiben... Ich suchte mir also ein Bild mit einigen Symbolen und fing kurzerhand an was "hinzuschreiben"... Das kam dabei heraus (Programm + Code im .Zip). Arbeitszeit ca. 5 Minuten^^welcometothematrixmini.jpg


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