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GLBasic Showroom


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A code indenter - Redent

acodeindenterredentmini.jpgThe second GLBasic app to come from my keyboard. After the viritable clock, it's some word processor type. This Indenter will reindent and GLBasic source text file. The commands can easily be expanded with the Redend keys. Pass your code as a parameter on the command line, and it generates a newly redented file for you

A simple 3D clock

2dx3dclock - My first GLBasic project This is a simple 3D analog clock and 2D digital clock to test time, location. rotation, textures, 2d & 3d integrationasimple3dclockmini.jpg

Words Apart

wordsapartmini.jpgReassemble the split words to spell out the seven related words described in the clue. A relaxing diversion free from any scores, penalties or time limits. There are 50 levels to complete and progress is saved at the end of each level.


Style Pacman Gamepuckman_glbmini.png

Date Convertor

dateconvertormini.pngThis program will convert a given date to a Modified Julian Value, taking into account the change of calenders around mid 16th century - any BC and AD date is accepted, aside from 0 (as it doesn't exist) and 5/10/1582 to 14/10/1582 as that date range can't be dealt with (due to the calender change). Please note that that the results aren't always totally accurate due to limitations of the processor - it can be up to 1 day out, especially for BC dates.

Particle Editor

Converted from Matt Bennett's code, this particle editor produces some very nice effects. All data is saved in a text file, which, along with the included processing routine, can be used in your own programs. particleeditormini.png


gaslightmini.jpgGaslight is a Victorian / Steampunk puzzle game for Windows. The aim of the game is to align all the pipes in the grid correctly, so that the gas flows to each outlet point (gaslamp) , providing light. Features include: 20 levels, ranging from a 3 x 3 grid to a massive 22 x 10 grid. Unlockable freeplay mode Level progress automatically saved

Test 3D Speed

This is effectively the 3D version of my Sprite Speed tester. Originally it was just designed to test how many 3D objects an Android device could handle, but I soon decided to add in all 3D commands (with the exception of shaders). The program is the result (and thus the reason for the poor layout) There are multiple sections : FPS This area shows the frames per second, number of objects being displayed as well as scroll texture, scale objects, show axis options, in addition to activating/de, ...test3dspeedmini.png

Spots : The Next Generation Demo

spotsthenextgenerationwindowsdemomini.pngSpots is a multi-player stratgy board game, written in GLBasic Spots : The Next Generation is a multi-player, turn based strategy game where you defeat your opponents by moving your Spots either one square (and duplicating your shape) or by moving it two squares. Moving two squares is riskier and thus gives the moving player more points AI difficulty comes in three levels : Easy, Medium and the (almost) impossible to beat Hard Full version includes extra modes including 5 Second Countdown, where everyncluding ...

BallZ 3D Windows (Demo)

BallZ 3D is a 3D collect-em-up : Collect the green spheres, avoid the red ones and be wary of everything else. Demo version only allows one player and one game mode.ballz3dwindowsdemomini.jpg


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