GLBasic Showroom


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Scramblemini.pngWell... it's a Vectrex-Style Scramble Remake. All vectors done with POLYSPRITE command for the blur effect. Now features an internet-highscore list (using the not yet released command: NETWEBGET). All grahpics and coding done by me winthin a few quick hours. Special thanks to Minon of, who gave me the level data and thus creating 90% of the game. See link below.

fmod Player

Here's a small .gbas library that allows you to use the fmod.dll for Tracker and other Music playbacks. fmodPlayermini.jpg


JUIXmini.jpgBillard meets Flipper. Tolle Physik-Engine, schöne Grafiken, klasse Ambiente. Ein wirklich gelungenes Spiel.

DLLs in GLBasic

Call DLLs with INLINE and DLLCALL. Calls "MessageBoxA" function.DLLsinGLBasicmini.png


HexenkcheCauldronmini.jpga Caudron remake. Just the flying scene started so far. Move with mouse. Mousewheel for up/down. left button to shoot.

Wumbo's Adventure

Wumbo's Adventure is a great puzzle action game that twists your mind. Great graphics, nice sounds and music, challenging puzzles. Available for PC and PocketPC.wumbo_ce.gif


SoundBrowsermini.jpgCopies sound files from a large archive to a folder. [en] This program lets you browse a large sound (.wav) file library and export some of the files to a specified directory. This is very handy if you want to make music and gather required samples first. Also, it shows how to use the DDgui library efficiently to quickly create GUI progjects. [de] Mit dem SoundBrowser kann man große Soundpools (.wav) durchsuchen und die Dateien anhören. Mit einem Klick lassen sich die Dateien dann in einen angegebensich ...


Real Time Shado Example. Echtzeitschatten Beispiel.Shadowsmini.jpg


3DJARCKmini.jpg- = 3D JARCK = - the 3D Jump And Run Construction Kit. Is a 3D Level editor with a built-in game engine. License: -------- The souce code is included and you can edit it with whatever license wou want. All material in this package is royalty free if used in a game programmed with GLBasic.


Turn your PC into a TV channel GLTVmini.jpg


DDguimini.jpg[EN] DDgui is a set of simple commands to make a GUI (grphical user interface) With buttons, list boxes, check boxes, text edit controls and static texts. You can use it in all your games for a menu or a level editor e.g. [DE] DDgui ist ein Set von einfachen Befehlen, mit denen man ein GUI (Grafisches User Interface) machen kann. Mit Listen, Knöpfen, Häckchen, statischen Texten usw.. Kann man nutzen um ein Menü für ein Spiel zu machen, oder einen Level Editor zu schreiben.eiben. ...

Kasem's Lagoon

Preview of Kasem's Lagoon.KasemsLagoonmini.jpg


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