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GLBasic Showroom


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RagDolls - Newton SDK

RagDollsNewtonSDKmini.pngSimple example of creating RagDoll(s) and smash them with a cube.

NewtonSDK - Version 0.1

First snapshot of my current work for implementing NewtonSDK.NewtonSDKVersion0.1mini.png


Physicsmini.pngPhysics Framework V0.2 - Rigid 3D Sphere-Sphere collisions - Beam Connections


viewer3d world creator beta 1Vision3dmini.jpg

Sphere Mapping

SphereMappingmini.pngSphere Mapping (Metallic Reflection) Demo.


Well... it's a Vectrex-Style Scramble Remake. All vectors done with POLYSPRITE command for the blur effect. Now features an internet-highscore list (using the not yet released command: NETWEBGET). All grahpics and coding done by me winthin a few quick hours. Special thanks to Minon of Minonsoft.com, who gave me the level data and thus creating 90% of the game. See link below. Scramblemini.png

fmod Player

fmodPlayermini.jpgHere's a small .gbas library that allows you to use the fmod.dll for Tracker and other Music playbacks.


Billard meets Flipper. Tolle Physik-Engine, schöne Grafiken, klasse Ambiente. Ein wirklich gelungenes Spiel.JUIXmini.jpg

DLLs in GLBasic

DLLsinGLBasicmini.pngCall DLLs with INLINE and DLLCALL. Calls "MessageBoxA" function.


a Caudron remake. Just the flying scene started so far. Move with mouse. Mousewheel for up/down. left button to shoot.HexenkcheCauldronmini.jpg


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