GLBasic Showroom


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Quantummini.pngIt's a remake of the arcade game Quantum, that noone really knows, I guess.

Random Labyrinth

Hi! 0 = wall 1 = way Anything more to say? =) CU W.RandomLabyrinthmini.jpg


MiniMemorymini.jpgA simle single player memory. You can also compile it for the GP2X console!


It's a Space Invaders remake. Very nice fire and particle effects.GLInVadersmini.png

Sound Recorder

SoundRecordermini.jpg[en] Records a WAV file on mouse click. Uses INLINE command to load a dll. Very simple project. C++ code included. [de] Nimmt eine WAV Datei auf per Mausklick. Benützt den INLINE Befehl um eine kleine DLL zu laden. Der C++ Code ist auch dabei.

8 Bit Fonts

These are 41 fonts from 8 bit console games. They have been extracted by Devlin / RetroRemakes.org8BitFontsmini.png

RagDolls - Newton SDK

RagDollsNewtonSDKmini.pngSimple example of creating RagDoll(s) and smash them with a cube.

NewtonSDK - Version 0.1

First snapshot of my current work for implementing NewtonSDK.NewtonSDKVersion0.1mini.png


Physicsmini.pngPhysics Framework V0.2 - Rigid 3D Sphere-Sphere collisions - Beam Connections


viewer3d world creator beta 1Vision3dmini.jpg

Sphere Mapping

SphereMappingmini.pngSphere Mapping (Metallic Reflection) Demo.


Well... it's a Vectrex-Style Scramble Remake. All vectors done with POLYSPRITE command for the blur effect. Now features an internet-highscore list (using the not yet released command: NETWEBGET). All grahpics and coding done by me winthin a few quick hours. Special thanks to Minon of, who gave me the level data and thus creating 90% of the game. See link below. Scramblemini.png


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