GLBasic Showroom


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Nr7 Demo 1

glbasicdemomini.pngA little GLBASIC Test... with scroll and a few things more... Read the scroll and enjoy.

Nr7 Demo 3

My last GLBasic Test. I think my next programm is a real game. I hope you like this little demo! Bye, Nr 7nr7demo3mini.png

Nr7 Demo 2

nr7demo2mini.pngMy new little GLBASIC Demo Programmed for Windows (1024*768)

NASA SRTM-Data TerrainViewer

Terrain Viewer Proof-of-Concept. This PoC app displays terrain elevation derived from data from NASA's SRTM shuttle missions. Also it shows how GLB can do what I call 'quasi-multitexturing'. The checkerboard pattern is part of the 3D-object, created by giving individual vertices a colour of their own. The red/yellow/green colouring is done with an additional texture bitmap, which is displayed on top of the checkerbaord pattern. It goes to show that GLB can do both, using vertex colour and using a texture ...oa_terrainviewermini.png

AGOSA - GLBasic 3d Object Viewer and Analiser. GLBasic 3d object analiser. Its an object.ddd viewer, with special features, like Geometry and GLBasic Shaders and lighting. You can select textures and bumpmaps, several of these come with the program. Visit the link below to download the latest version directly from my website. Dont forget to rate the program here!

A small sqlite dll for GLBasic

A small sqlite dll for those Windows users that need a real sql database engine for their games. The dll footprint is only 490k, and has sqlite built in. A GLBasic wrapper is provided, as well as a usage example. asmallsqlitedllforglbasicmini.jpg

A code indenter - Redent

acodeindenterredentmini.jpgThe second GLBasic app to come from my keyboard. After the viritable clock, it's some word processor type. This Indenter will reindent and GLBasic source text file. The commands can easily be expanded with the Redend keys. Pass your code as a parameter on the command line, and it generates a newly redented file for you

A simple 3D clock

2dx3dclock - My first GLBasic project This is a simple 3D analog clock and 2D digital clock to test time, location. rotation, textures, 2d & 3d integrationasimple3dclockmini.jpg

Words Apart

wordsapartmini.jpgReassemble the split words to spell out the seven related words described in the clue. A relaxing diversion free from any scores, penalties or time limits. There are 50 levels to complete and progress is saved at the end of each level.


Style Pacman Gamepuckman_glbmini.png

Date Convertor

dateconvertormini.pngThis program will convert a given date to a Modified Julian Value, taking into account the change of calenders around mid 16th century - any BC and AD date is accepted, aside from 0 (as it doesn't exist) and 5/10/1582 to 14/10/1582 as that date range can't be dealt with (due to the calender change). Please note that that the results aren't always totally accurate due to limitations of the processor - it can be up to 1 day out, especially for BC dates.

Particle Editor

Converted from Matt Bennett's code, this particle editor produces some very nice effects. All data is saved in a text file, which, along with the included processing routine, can be used in your own programs. particleeditormini.png


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