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GLBasic Showroom


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Pfademini.jpgClick your way through the maze and try to catch all the chests. Source included, use as you like.


Hello, People. This not Inline or DDGUI. Only GLBasic. Enjoy.NoCommentmini.png


GP2X_Nat2008mini.pngGP2X_Nat2008 is the fun way to celebrate the holidays by creating your very own Christmas Tree. Decorate your own Christmas Tree using ornaments and lights. Add greeting texts. Then save your Christmas Tree into PNG images. Send to yours friends! The software is only for F200 version!!!

Ufo On The Run

Your aim is to change all silver stars into a gold colour . That's very easy. You run simply over the stars. For each changed star you will get two points. If you have changed all stars into a gold colour, the level is complete. and you will get the residual time on your score. Follow the instruction at the screen ! Player input: go on player and press return key. type your name and press space bar. For playing this game, you take the arrow keys. You can type your opinion in the german forulaying ...UfoOnTheRunmini.png


ChaosPongmini.pngPingPong für Zwei Spieler. Eine abgeänderte Pong Version. Linker Spieler = w/s Taste (w = rauf, s = runter). Rechter Spieler = Cursor rauf/runter Wer zuerst Zehn Punte hat, gewinnt ! PingPong for two player. A modified PingPong version. Left player = w/s key (w = up, s = down). Right player = cursor key up/down. When you get at first ten points, you are the winner !

The Kid

Space the final frontier. Ver 0.1 keys 'A' faster keys 'Z' slower keys 'space bar' take picture keys 'arrows' up/down/left/right keys 'esc' end @just turn right to find the planets@TheKidmini.png

Punching Game

PunchingGamemini.jpgThis is a game where you have to punch the guy on the right (which is the bad guy).This game is still under development and i hope you like it.

Hangul Font Printing

Lets you print "Hangul" (Korean) Text messages with GLBasic. Update: Added 6 fonts by JungTae Kim. The fonts are free to use, but you must not sell them.HangulFontPrintingmini.png

Delaunay triangulation

Delaunaymini.pngA Delaunay triangulation algorithm, that's easy to use for your projects.

Find Mii

It's a "de" make of the FindMii(C)(tm)(R) game from the Wii (C)(tm)(R), compiled for GP2X and Win32.FindMiimini.png


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