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GLBasic Showroom


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guidemini.pngCurrent version: 1.2 This is a small GUI (Graphical User Interface) library. Use it with the template for a quick start into your projects. New Feature: XFont More Info: Forum -> Userlibs -> GUIde

Level Editor

This a level editor I wrote for a game I'm writing for Android. Visit the link for more info on that. This level editor loads a text file and lets you edit it visually. Before I wrote this, I was making my levels in Notepad. I have to create hundreds of rooms so I need to be about to whip them out quickly. The code in this app is a mess and incomplete, but I thought I share it anyway as it's pretty neat. Click the image in the lower right to exitleveleditormini.png

Commodore 64 Loader

commodore64loadermini.pngEmulating Ocean Software's loading system from a Commodore 64


New Demo with a little shooter. Windows 1024x768 Have fun!warbeemini.png

Tutorial Game

tutorialgamemini.pngDieses Programm bezieht sich auf folgendes Tutorial: Tutorials -> Weiterführendes Tutorial Teil 1 German version only

Nr7 Demo 1

A little GLBASIC Test... with scroll and a few things more... Read the scroll and enjoy.glbasicdemomini.png

Nr7 Demo 3

nr7demo3mini.pngMy last GLBasic Test. I think my next programm is a real game. I hope you like this little demo! Bye, Nr 7

Nr7 Demo 2

My new little GLBASIC Demo Programmed for Windows (1024*768)nr7demo2mini.png

NASA SRTM-Data TerrainViewer

oa_terrainviewermini.pngTerrain Viewer Proof-of-Concept. This PoC app displays terrain elevation derived from data from NASA's SRTM shuttle missions. Also it shows how GLB can do what I call 'quasi-multitexturing'. The checkerboard pattern is part of the 3D-object, created by giving individual vertices a colour of their own. The red/yellow/green colouring is done with an additional texture bitmap, which is displayed on top of the checkerbaord pattern. It goes to show that GLB can do both, using vertex colour and using a texture ...

A small sqlite dll for GLBasic

A small sqlite dll for those Windows users that need a real sql database engine for their games. The dll footprint is only 490k, and has sqlite built in. A GLBasic wrapper is provided, as well as a usage example. asmallsqlitedllforglbasicmini.jpg


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