GLBasic - multiplatform development in BASIC

Powerful programming language: BASIC
If you are searching for an easy to learn, fast to write, and flexible language for programming, then GLBasic is what you need.
GLBasic is so good because we actively develop it every day. Thus, we fix bugs quickly, implement new features on a daily basis. We are also enthusiastic developers, so we know what you need!
On the contrary to other programming languages, GLBasic is alive. The community is growing daily and we respond quickly and qualified to problems.
  • All you need to write high performance programs
  • with the easiest, most intuitive, BASIC language available.
  • All the commands have been chosen carefully and feature consistent, logical high level syntax, which is also very easy to learn.
  • Write a program once, then compile for Windows, Apple Mac OS X. Start your iPhone development, Linux, PocketPC (Smartphone and Windows Mobile) and GP2X/Wiz without changing the source code at all.
  • Don't waste time that you don't have, concentrate on the essentials.
  • Free for non commercial projects on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
  • Learn programming - find a hobby for the rest of your life.
  • What can GLBasic do?

Multiplatform for the future

GLBasic = Productivity. See the features of GLBasic

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