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I'm not sure if this it's a bug


I guys I hvae this function in my code, but I look something extrange the part I "mark" with here... It's a bug?¿ becuase the compiler seems understand like Ok, the line on I have self.xplosion_Y%   , but draw anim don't have all this num of parameters and it's only this instruction...

Really i don't know if it's a problem but I think it's something extrange it's the same if I put only a number in a line, the compiler have to say something. ins't?¿----

Thanks and sorry if this not it's a problem, but I preffer advise for in a future can complicate somethin internal in GLbasic...

--- Code: GLBasic ---FUNCTION explode_Enemy_Class1:
        LOCAL  max_Value%      = 32
        STATIC speed_Xplosion% = 8

                                IF self.val_energyhasEne%<=0
                                        IF  self.val_Seq_Enemy_Exp <     self.max_value_Explosion
                                        //This it's a Simple Counter for Move the Missile
                                                        DEC self.xplosion_X%
                                        //Paint each Frame of the Sequence
                                                        INC self.val_Seq_Enemy_Exp,0.5
                                                        DRAWANIM         self.enemies_how_Explode                 , _
                                                                 self.val_Seq_Enemy_Exp%                  , _
                                                                                 self.xplosion_X%                                 , _
                        //      PRINT "Explosion ActivadA"+self.val_Seq_Enemy_Exp,       self.xplosion_X%                                 , _
                                                                                            self.xplosion_Y%   <<< HERE!!!!!



Hey guys I reply to myself, I search a curios and I think a problem

If you write this...
  //      PRINT "Explosion ActivadA"+self.val_Seq_Enemy_Exp,       self.xplosion_X%                                 , _
                                                                                            self.xplosion_Y%   <<< HERE!!!!!

The compiler don't say nothing but if you write this ... focus in the missing , _
  //      PRINT "Explosion ActivadA"+self.val_Seq_Enemy_Exp,       self.xplosion_X%                               
                                                                                            self.xplosion_Y%   <<< HERE!!!!!

In the second case I get a compiler error-.---

I think the compiler when we write Comments, if we leave , _ the compiler undestand we are doing a carry in the line...

Well this I can say, perhaps this can cause problems to someone , be carefull !!!!


I think its ok, that the compiler thinks your comment goes to next line too. - But if it does, the IDE should also mark 2nd line as a comment. So current behaviour is not 100% correct IMHO.

Thanks Kano really you have reason the compiler will be think the next line it¡s a comment, but Really don't is... well I think the Masters have to decide about this, perhaps can be used like a trick for put on and off wuickly some lines of code...
 :booze: Thanks for your reply kano.

I´d like to help Mental, but I really have no idea what is going on on that code :(
I think it is going to be a few years till I even get what a function is up to.

Anyways, I´m around here if anything I can help is up to. ;)


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