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Coding CookBooks 2 & 3
« on: 2012-Apr-09 »
Coding CookBooks 2 & 3 are now out as eBooks.  These dont deal with GLBasic this time, instead concentrating on *couch*BlitzMax*cough* and *sneeze*DarkBasic Professional/GSK*sneeze*

As a side note, as I was going through my files in order to build the books, I found a backup of my old BM Vortex game (which was somewhat complete and never released), complete with different comic strips for Windows, Linux and Mac.  Well, a slight difference at any rate.  I've included them in this very post.

I've been wondering what game I could do next, and Vortex could be The One...

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Re: Coding CookBooks 2 & 3
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The 4th (and last) one is now out too - with some of my early GLBasic code...