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Re: Dino Defense
« Reply #75 on: 2012-May-02 »
If I understood the proposal, then it won´t have a white background and we will see the black background through the alpha couple pixels.
Page 4 I posted an image on how the game currently looks on my machine, it is a bit low jpg but I´m sure the artifact is all around, sometimes not for the full lenght of the borders of the sprite but it is there.

So I suspect this artifact has to do with antialiase against the background itself, which in the current numbers case, is black.

Did I understand correctly?

Maybe for a no-alpha tiled situation we just have to go on smooth false, and use true on sprites that needs it (resize, rotate).
If the tiled background also needs it, maybe copy the whole screen to another and then apply the effect on the full image?

edit: my guess is that smooth shading true is only better when displaying sprites or titles with proper alpha(mask) otherwise it will always smooth out the borders of the tile, end even those alpha sprites should not touch the border (1 or 2 pixels offset). The current test has no alpha, just a pure block.
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Re: Dino Defense
« Reply #76 on: 2012-May-02 »
I have now set up a web-page for DinoDefense - all current downloads for each platform will be posted there (currently for Pandora and Windows pc). I do plan to support Caanoo and Wiz if there is enough encouragement...
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Re: Dino Defense
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Very Nice!

Good luck!

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