Author Topic: Blog anout developement MAD MIX II (a hit game in the 80´s). Only Spanish :(  (Read 1154 times)

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Hi I think I don´t put my another Blog in the English forum, If it´s is, please some Admin delete it.

Well it´s a Blog about development of MAD MIX II, this was a super-sells in Spain , in 8 bits computer, and the end of the great Era of the Spaninsh Soft.

It´s like a PAC-MAN but whit too much issues, and it´s was image of PEPSI in USA.

About the Blog it´s only wrote in Spaninsh, sorry :), but you can see some graphics and videos.

Kinds Regards,
Iván J.

PS: The game will come completly free, for all the platforms compile GLBasic , except the platforms  don´t supports 3D

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