Author Topic: Just Pong for Android quick test  (Read 5463 times)

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Re: Just Pong for Android quick test
« Reply #15 on: 2011-Jun-01 »
Hmm, now there is a dilemma, churn out an unoriginal game every week for 12 weeks which sells say 100 copies a week (so game 1 sells 1200 in 12 weeks, game 2 would be 11 in the same period and so on) giving total sales of about 8000 or about £3K based on app store figures, or spend 3 months developing one game that might do 200 a week tops. Your 12 unoriginal games will still sell the 1200 a week bringing in over £400 a week and if you continued to churn the games out at that rate the sales increases by 100 per game. Meanwhile your single original game that nobody has ever seen before sits doing 200 a week earning you a lot less.

Sorry, but for me its quantity over quality and yes I know it would just be adding to the rest of the dross on there but if people would be willing to buy it then why not produce it

Of course there is the chance your original game would do an Angry Birds but look at what they are doing now, not as many new levels but split the game over several apps, where is the originality in AB Seasons or AB Rio over the original AB? Sequels and non original games can sell just as well

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Re: Just Pong for Android quick test
« Reply #16 on: 2011-Jun-01 »
That's a lot figures to read. Maybe it's just a popular genre as I always like a good remake.

Does the math work for non-pong titles?