Author Topic: Bitmap Font Routines by PeeJays (modified)  (Read 1654 times)

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The original is here, with the example project:

I have modified it for these reasons:
- To work with my Screen Manager (
- Added a param, it is the lastest one, 'kernoffset', I saw it interesting, giving it a negative value we can have the highly desirable effect of slight overlap. Try it in the example of the project using this modified version and giving negative values to 'kernoffset'.

The credits was untouched as this is work of PeeJays with slighty modifications. Justify text doesn't work properly but this is a mistake in the original too. Remember to add the Screen Manager to work.

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Re: Bitmap Font Routines by PeeJays (modified)
« Reply #1 on: 2010-Dec-16 »
Nice that you have use of it :-) The original don't have the justification problem, but I broke it somewhere and didn't notice until later so now I'm totally out of the loop of where I broke it. Probably some simple like forgetting the kerning change I did somewhere.