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selfmade graphics?

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to be more clear I attached 2 pictures
1. as is - old_slider.jpg
2. as I want to be - new_slider.jpg (as example)

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Kitty Hello:
oh. That's not possible at the moment. We need a way to really skin the elements, but it's not done, yet.

Problem being once you allow skinning, you are going to have to use sprites for everything...

thank you for your answers
I will try to find a way to avoid the limitation

I've written my own GUI system because I wanted skinning.
It was a pain, but it's starting to take shape.
I'm working on kinetic scrolling now, not too difficult, but having it stop at snap-to points is tricky.
I use a skin.png file and have routines to tell the GUI where each element is located.
Plus you can specify the left, right and middle portions to allow all control sizes without stretching.
[Edit: It also allows different graphics / colours for different states, like below the 'PLAY' button is being pressed]
It uses PROTOTYPEs for events too. 
DD-GUI has way more features tho.

Here's a screenshot of my progress:

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