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Back on the net


Yay, nearly 2 months without a proper internet service and now I’m back on. What a mess my it’s been. Glad I’m back in the modern world.

On the plus side I’ll be able able to up load at a much faster rate. Maybe do some YouTube vids etc.

Phew!  8)

2 months? that is a lot! :O

Lol, yeah Erico, made me realise how much I used the internet and how thankful I am for it working so well now. Cool thing is that the internet company has agreed tonight to give me a hundred quid for all the bother it caused, which was a very nice gesture I thought. So were all going out for a bang-up meal to celebrate, paid by the internet company!  :booze:

Nice, at least some bonus from that ISP ;-)
And that's good, as can't wait to see PMS on Steam.

Thanks Dreamerman, not a great deal of development over the last 6 weeks or so as I have been drowned in my day-job but this contract is coming to an end so I'll be pressing ahead with P.M.S. very soon.


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