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AutoPause True not working for Windows 10


While im polish my new games (its pretty much ready for release), im have seen AUTUOPAUSE TRUE does not work at all on Windows 10. Sound is disabled/enabled as intended, but the sub rutines is newer called.

Does this mean SUB GLB_ON_PAUSE and SUB GLB_ON_RESUME are not working in Windows 10?  :doubt:

not as intended. sound turns off and on, but does not calls it for some reason. could have effected when tried to fix the android/Ios pause thing, which was a nightmare. Im do not have the newest source code, which im should get that first. Gernot can you send me, or is its tha version seen in the main page?

But its not a gamebreaker or something like that at all. Just make sure to do a internal pause function indstead. Alternative get status of the Windows property could also been nice too.

Thanks for the quick reply. :)  My ingame menu shows and pauses the game on GLB_ON_PAUSE, but people can always use ESC to pause it too. Still, would be nice if it worked.

im do the same as well. In PowerUp Elevation im do used P and Pause as well. So its a easier to workaround this issue. Its was more a issue on Android/Ios throught, since its could crash or do something with that.


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