Author Topic: Some suggest about Editor  (Read 1986 times)

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Some suggest about Editor
« on: 2016-Apr-07 »
first,why not support auto-intellisense instead of Ctrl + T?
second,why not support another Language like chinese in Editor and Game?
sometimes ,i have to use chinese write games for my friends,but their english is not good like me

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Re: Some suggest about Editor
« Reply #1 on: 2016-Apr-07 »
The problem really is simply time and resources. GLBasic's development team is very small and it's not their full time occupation - they would have starved to death if it was! They also have families and real lives. They really don't have the time to implement every feature that has been requested. They also prioritize requests based on need/usefullness.

Yes, the editor could do with an update/overhaul, however it is functional, but not for every need.

There has been increasing talk of adding/wanting to add Unicode rather than ASCII/ANSI, however at the moment it's not possible.
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