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I'll stick this here as it's pretty relevant to anyone using GLB and Android.

It's a little run down on how to setup and use ADB ...

Many thanks it was really helpful!

HI bigsofty thanks for the link, but I think the emulator it´s too much slow... I try to use the Android 4.0, but the GLbasic don´t works... I read the faster way for the emulator it´s use under Virtual Box, I try onlye the 4.0 and runs whit the speed of a real device, I look only the UI, but I think in 2.1 have to runs very quickly....

Thanks for the link.

Just in case, I will explain that I could managed to install the debug drivers for my tablet adding the corresponding ids to the google driver .inf, as explained in the document.

Now works flawlesly.

Nice simple vid on installing your ADB USB drivers...


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