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selfmade graphics?

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Hi guys,
is it possible to use own graphics for the ddgui elements like window background or sliders?


Kitty Hello:
You can (so far) search the DDgui.gbas for CALLBACK functions and overwrite these.
Hiro did that once to get the brushed metal look of OSX into DDgui.
I plan to add skinning to DDgui later, so each widget get's a function prototype that is used for drawing and/or handling the widget. That way you can easily make user defined widgets, too.

Hello Kitty!

1. I'm trying to make another look for a slider component (I just want to use bitmap for it) but with no success
function DDgui_draw_user% gets id$, width%, height%, ytop%
but within it I have to send ddgui_vals, wdg, ytop% to new function DDgui_drawslider2
what is the right way I can do it ?

2. could you disclose your plans about DDGui's skining functionality, please ?

best regards,

ddgui is fully skinnable

Kitty Hello:
DDgui_user is just for user defined widgets.

You might want to overwrite the DDgui_backgnd function.

Or - what do you want in detail?


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