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This program reports information about your video card and opengl version information.
OpenGL Version
GLSL Version
GFX Card Vendor
GFX Card Model
And GFX Card OpenGL supported extensions.

The Information is stored into a text file, which is created in the .app program directory

edit: this code is updated July 2012 for use with GLBasic version 10;topic=3631.0;attach=5292

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I can't use Printscreen, it didn't capture anything, just a black screen. Also, the font are very tiny, almost when I place the screen in 640x480 ( My screen is 1360x768 by default ) so it is very difficult to read.

But except that, very useful. Can be use for an auto-detect configuration.  :good:

Ya it should be very handy to sort out GLSL ability.
Theres 4 versions. 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5
This will allow for a programmer to do some interesting things for 3d cards.

Try using print screen 3 or 4 times sequentially.
I dont know why, but this should help..has soemthings to do with the way opengl works.

If you can't do screen capture with print screen, check what other programs/tools are running, there are some that will interfere with the clipboard. I never have problem with screencapture on GLBasic programs but I do have some troubles at work if there is a VNC connection about to time out.

Old post, old code, useful code. updated for use with current ide.
Last ide compiled was v.7 glbasic, 2009. heh.


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