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SHOEBOX does not work on ANDROID

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so yes, its mightbeen a bug. but im will not fix it. sorry. Its a bigger issue here. Its just one of the strangers on Android.

But again, you should property use folders for each shoebox and do file access directly from those, if you used same filename for tiles etc.

Hi spacefractal,
I don't understand one thing: it's OK to check if the folders are exist or not, but if not, why should I create them? My level files won't be accessible from a just created folder... And if the folder exists (with the files in it), I don't have to create it.

that due glbasic try to copy all files from that subfolder to internal memory from APK.

glbasic calls copyAsset() in for each file you access. But if folder does not exists, its might crash instead. CREATEDIR() make sure its exits, before glbasic calling copyAsset(). Its can been required for some issues.

If you do a DOESDIREXISTS(), its also calls recursiveCopy() in java instead. Howover recursiveCopy can take too long time for the app, and can crash. Mostly if its many many MB.

This is why shoebox is simply not recommend to been used on Android at all! Im sorry.

you should dropping them, and instead uses subfolders for each level instead (using the same name you used from shoebox). That is much much more effective for memory wise, and you would have much more direct access to them.

Due this im will not fix shoebox issue on Android, since its ineffective anyway (sorry Gernot, but if you can fix it, then it ok).

I've never used SETSHOEBOX.

But just recently I see a few crashes referencing GFShoebox command?!

#00  pc 0000000000077580  /data/app-lib/..../ (GFShoeBox::FindOrExtract(char const*, char*, bool)+80)

Is this a new thing?!

In general the app is question is working very well for me.

ooh dear.... That means, this issue will newer been fixed!!!!

Its a bug in glb_prepare_reading_file(), which is called by all file commands, and property crash on line:

--- Code: GLBasic ---if(!__g_ShoeBox_Data->FindOrExtract(filename, TempFileName.getbuffer(1024), true))
That mean its confimered SHOWBOX does not work and is 100% unstable on Android. Also.... Due that way file system is working on Android, which is piece of crap, that meant its impossible to use it anyway.

But instead we should trick SHOWBOX as its was a folder.

Property its crash on this function:

Im will not fix shoebox at all, but im will instead should remove it completly instead.

Instead im highly recommend to use SETCURRENTDIR() instead to access to a new level instead SHOEBOX it from a new folder. That can do the trick.

Gernot please contact me again, about Steam (Im home again and can offer help), and can you send me your newest source. we need to REMOVE all SHOEBOX support on Android.

With other word, if you ask me:

SHOEBOX will been DEPREACTED on Android.


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