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Android: libPNG issue & Fix (if Google Play reject it)


If Google have rejected your app, due this issue?

Then you need to use this file from the attachments and replace it in your android glbasic folder (search for it and replace it).

This is a IMPORTANT fix, since Google might Reject your App.

PS. The dropbox washed out, so im will now attachment it. since its CAN still been a issue, im will not unsticky this thread.

I knew that thread. I copied linpng_gf.a into the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ GLBasic_v14 \ Compiler \ platform \ android \ lib but does not fix the problem. Do I have to do something else?.

P.D.: In the Android folder that I use, it did not even exist the libpng_gf.a file.

other people did have wrote its ineeded worked. Your project might not have updated correctly.

Its look like its have been renamed (due property a bug) to libCxImageAndroid.a for glbasic v14 for some reasons? Im not sure why its happens?

Gernot, is that a bug?

The bat file will still compile to libpng_gf.a, and we should not rename it, even its not the correct name.

Thanks spacefractal. Effectively the libpng_fg.a file is called libCxImageAndroid.a in GLB v14.  :booze:

Sorry, but im came to split the first post in a wrong faction. This was a original post by msx and dedicated to split it, because its quite important, and im will also sticky as well, until im finally Android Extras update it.

This was the post by MSX:
Google have rejected my application for a vulnerability in libpng though I have the latest version of GLB. Should I do more?


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