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didn't LG buy/Licence  WebOS from HP and use it in all there TVs?

Code Snippets / Animated 3D cube (fake Plasma)
« on: 2014-Oct-15 »
Fake Plasma Rotating Cube ( Grabsprite abuse )

show.exe in zip shows sides being rendered on the fly
plasmacube.exe normal

not optimized, probably better ways to do this but an easy example.

wobble screen maths may be useful for other project and is quite simple, took me a bit to get it right.
dicecube.ddd made in ac3d.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files
GLOBAL xxx,a
LOADFONT "smalfont.png", 1

X_LOADOBJ "dicecube.ddd", 0
LOADSPRITE "blue.jpg",9999
LOADSPRITE "orange.jpg", 6000
LOADSPRITE "test.jpg",5000

STRETCHSPRITE 6000,0,0,1024,768
FOR t = 1 TO 768
GRABSPRITE t+6001,1,t,1024,1

STRETCHSPRITE 5000,0,0,1024,768
FOR t = 1 TO 768
GRABSPRITE t+5001,1,t,1024,1

STRETCHSPRITE 9999,0,0,1024,768
FOR t = 1 TO 768
GRABSPRITE t+30,1,t,1024,1


xxx = xxx + 3
GOSUB side3
PRINT "X:" + xxx, 100, 10
X_MAKE3D 1, 50, 45
X_CAMERA 4, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
X_ROTATION xxx, xxx/ 2, xxx / 2, 0
IF xxx > 360 THEN xxx = 0


SUB side3:

            FOR y=1 TO 768
                a=a + 0.005 * 2   // * SPEED
            DRAWSPRITE y, COS( a + y ) * y /4, y      // WOBBLE THE LINES

                GRABSPRITE 9998,200,150,500,500                   // GRAB THE WOBBLED SCREEN
            DRAWSPRITE 0,0,0                                              // DRAW THE TEXTURE
         STRETCHSPRITE 9998,340,170,170,170                       // DRAW 1 SIDE
         STRETCHSPRITE 9998,0,170,170,170                         // DRAW 1 SIDE SAME IMAGE
         GRABSPRITE 0,0,0,512,512                                         // GRAB NEW TEXTURE

         FOR y=1 TO 768
         a=a + 0.005 * 2
         DRAWSPRITE y+6001, COS( a + y ) * y/4, y
         GRABSPRITE 9997,200,150,500,500
         DRAWSPRITE 0,0,0
         STRETCHSPRITE 9997,170,0,170,170
         STRETCHSPRITE 9997,170,340,170,170
         GRABSPRITE 0,0,0,512,512

            FOR y=1 TO 768
            a=a + 0.005 * 2
            DRAWSPRITE y+5001, COS( a+ y ) *y/4, y
                GRABSPRITE 9998,200,150,500,500
            DRAWSPRITE 0,0,0
            STRETCHSPRITE 9998,340,340,170,170
            STRETCHSPRITE 9998,170,170,170,170
            GRABSPRITE 0,0,0,512,512

Beta Tests / Re: 2 Future Crew style effects
« on: 2014-Oct-15 »
I did map the image on a 512x512 this it just a typo, i'll fix it now. cheers

Beta Tests / Re: 2 Future Crew style effects
« on: 2014-Oct-15 »
I guess 99% of you worked out how this was done.I recall someone asking about this ages this was my take with animation.

The cube was made using AC3D, I then drawn a picture 512x512 with a 3x3 grid 170x170. Using AC3D texture coordinate editor mapped each side to a grid position. save it as .ddd
not sure how easy this is if you built the cube from Code and tried to map it, maybe someone with more experience could shed some light?

The program load 3 sprite pictures(plasma )
stretches the images and grabs a sprite per line. e.g 320x200 would grab 200 sprites 320x1 and does this 3x

using cosine maths it wobbles the whole screen and grabs an image for 2  sides. again 3x
then all is written to the grid  in different  location then grabbed as the texture  map

Beta Tests / 2 Future Crew style effects
« on: 2014-Oct-13 »
2 Effect from Second Reality
All done with standard GLB commands.

1st Fake plasma Cube: FC used palette rotation , not  sure how to do that  so I did it my way.

2nd Overlapping/bending circles: takes 10 seconds to render.tried this with a rotating palette but it looked bad.

I will upload code once it cleaned and optimized if interested
Let me know if you like or have idea's


Off Topic / Re: z80 assembly
« on: 2014-Oct-09 »
Can't beat a good 9 pin printer.
My first was a  colour  Star LC200, ready to print in 5 seconds from cold start.
My latest Canon MG6350 can take 7 min to warm, no good if you need a print quickly.
For my last year in high school I wrote a program in Qbasic that printed them Record of Achievement forms,(UK school thing)
using printer commands it would double strike or quad strike the same letters making the ink cheap school could not afford new ribbons .
still have the source code printed with the Star LC200..

Does any one remember networking Archimedes, think it was called Econet, anyway always remember sending chr$(7) to different terminals in the adjacent room pissing off the class.

Off Topic / Re: z80 assembly
« on: 2014-Oct-01 »
Never used my ST for anything except running demos,got it for £20 from a friend who had everything.
Also my other friend used his for STOS programming and written this.
I know he lost most of his code but I had a copy  so I youtubed it years ago

Hated STOS at the time because I used to write stuff on the amstrad and he would copy it and make it better.
Amstrad rasters in z80 (3 days work ) vs  stos dedicated raster command ( 5mins work), then he got the 3D extensions and it was game over.

Off Topic / Re: z80 assembly
« on: 2014-Oct-01 »
Quartet was the only good mod style player for the Atari St i can remember,most games didnt use samples. Most demos had one digi screen per disc., however my quick fix was putting the sound jack into the amp and pulling it out slightly causing the left and right channels to mix. I I was probably about 14 at the time cutting components out of working and broken electrical things.
Even made a speech synthesiser in school from a magazine diagram. Sending data to the SPO256 chip using the OUT command. chip stolen from my sister speak and spell.

loved them tinkering days,

Off Topic / Re: z80 assembly
« on: 2014-Sep-29 »
Used the amstrad manual to add a tape drive as the connection was removed in 6128plus model, also made the Atari St mono sound stereo by cutting the YM output track short on the board and soldering a 3.5mm jack to it.worked great for chip sound but distorted on digi samples.

Off Topic / Re: z80 assembly
« on: 2014-Sep-27 »
Started learning Z80 on my CPC Plus using HiSoft DevPac which came free on amstrad action.

But get exited when Longshot from Logon Systems released this code

org &8000
 ld b,&bc
ld hl,sequence
ld e,17
ld a,(hl)
out (c),a
inc hl
dec e
jr nz,seq
defb &ff,&00,&ff,&77,&b3,&51,&a8,&d4,&62,&39,&9c,&46,&2b,&15,&8a,&cd,&ee

Which unlocks the unlockable  Asic Chip.

Got a 386sx 25/ Borland Turbo Assembler and a teach yourself x86.
Wouldn't know where to start now, but have used the knowledge to reverse/patch exe,s

Code Snippets / Re: Simple Unlimited Sprites
« on: 2014-Aug-15 »
Learn something new every day, never knew they were called Bezier Curves.
Will try and make something with your code.
Hopefully unlimited Sprite 2 will be releases.

Code Snippets / Simple Unlimited Sprites
« on: 2014-Aug-14 »
Unlimited Sprites Effect

Just a simple bit of fun,  wanted it to look like this but that's a bit out of my math skills,
so I stole the music instead.Its more like ULMs version without the scroller.

Runs better in a window, fullscreen shows update lines.

GLBasic - en / Re: scale font
« on: 2014-Aug-10 »
not installed Android extras yet, not even read what the functions do.

GLBasic - en / Re: scale font
« on: 2014-Aug-10 »
The Android Loading screen now has bigger animated squares since I installed GLBasic 12.243, more likely due to the font scale.

Still would be nice to change the Text or Icons as Spicypixel requested in topic

GLBasic - en / Re: scale font
« on: 2014-Aug-08 »
What I'm running v12.096, didnt even know a new version was out.just downloading the GLBasic from the main page, hope its the latest version.

I use createscreen and stretchsprite for my Text, MrTAToad  code looks a bit to much and I dont like using code i dont fully understand.

Maybe its time for Gernot to let someone update the Website and let people know about updates/new commands. In a couple of days I found the mod/xm/it player in android and now a font size.what next?

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