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Announcements / Re: GLBasic V11 public beta
« on: 2013-Oct-20 »
Thank you ! I will try this sample !


Effectivement les français sont pas nombreux ici. Content de voir qu'il y en aie qui s'intéresse à GLBasic :) Et c'est bien Kitty qui le code ^^

Announcements / Re: GLBasic V11 public beta
« on: 2013-Oct-19 »
mmmmh it seems that I have some problems. Is there a code that I could have to test with it and have a begin to make a html 5 project please ?

I try to find something in the manual but it seems that there 's nothing for now about it. Is there something to do to setup a html 5 project with GLBasic ?

Thank you

Announcements / Re: GLBasic V11 public beta
« on: 2013-Oct-19 »
Oki I have to see because I just tested with an example of GLBasic, I didn't see an html 5 specific example.

I tried in Firefox. May be I should write an simple example myself to see. Thank you I will try

Announcements / Re: GLBasic V11 public beta
« on: 2013-Oct-19 »
Hi there !

Just play with html 5 and I have little problems. The compiling process is ok but very long (about 4-5 mns). After uploaded it on DropBox for example, I can see the canvas with somes options but nothing happens, or, it's very long to launch. Is it normal ?

Sorry for my approximative english :)

Thank you.

Code Snippets / Re: Fake 3D Starfield
« on: 2013-Jul-08 »
Hi !

Fantastic ! I didn't see answers ! sorry for that, but these tweaks are very cool :) thx !

GLBasic - fr / Un fond étoilé en fausse 3D
« on: 2011-Sep-04 »
Salut tous :)

Je vous poste ici un petit snippet. Les habitués reconnaîtront le style vu que je l'ai présenté dans plusieurs langages :) Je voulais l'adapter pour GLBasic.

Il s'agit d'un fond étoilé animé en fausse 3D, réalisé avec de simples calculs mathématiques. J'attache au topic le zip des sources :)

Happy GLBasic :)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Code Snippets / Fake 3D Starfield
« on: 2011-Sep-03 »
Hi all :)

Here is a code that I wrote to simulate a 3D Starfield, in an amiga style. This code is inspired from an Blitzbasic code, I found severals years ago.

I wrote this code on Purebasic several years ago, and then I wanted to translate it for GLBasic :)

I provide you a zip file with the project and the source.

Have fun :)

Happy GLB !

PS : Sorry for my aproximative english.

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - fr / Re: Liste de francophones
« on: 2011-Aug-30 »
Salut, Crystal!
Tu serais pas aussi un Purebasicien, par hasard?  8)
Je suis Warkering sur le forum.

Je répond carrément en retard, mais si j'ai utilisé purebasic :p

Mais bon vu que pour la portabilité c'est devient délire, je préfère glbasic du moins pour le multimédia.

Code Snippets / Re: Fireworks effect
« on: 2011-Aug-30 »
Thank you :)

Code Snippets / Re: Fireworks effect
« on: 2011-Aug-30 »

I've updated the code here to make it work with earlier version of GLBasic.

To simplify, I've made a zip file that contains the sources and medias.

Just extract the zip file and open the project, and compile it to launch.

Happy GLB !

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / Re: libs and Linux for GLBasic
« on: 2011-Aug-29 »
I had a try with the latest ubuntu 11.04 and I update the topic of the FAQ ;) here we go.

But for Fedora it's more complicated. Have to test.

Hi everybody,

I've done some testing with the last Ubuntu 11.04 Natty and there is a few step to get GLbasic apps to work properly ;)

I started with a fresh install of Ubuntu.

1 - Install Ubuntu 11.04

So, that's easy, just install the Os. Follow the process.

2. Update Ubuntu

You need to update Ubuntu first. To do this, follow these steps

Code: GLBasic [Select]
sudo apt-get update

Code: GLBasic [Select]
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Code: GLBasic [Select]
sudo apt-get upgrade

That's take a while to complete...and the reboot the system

3 - The graphic card

I have an ATI video card, but it's the same with Nvidia.

Ubuntu tells you that there are some owner drivers of your card. Install them. If Ubuntu doesn't say anything, just go in the system properties and click on the "Other drivers" option to install them.

4 - Installing free and non-free codec

I've installed some codecs before try running a GLBasic program. These codecs let you play some multimedia files like mp3, video etc..

To do all of these, we use the medibuntu repo. I give you a link that explain you how to use Medibuntu repo. Be aware that for some codecs there is a legal notice, depend of the country you are :

5 - And that'all ?

Yes ! that's all, you don't need anything else. SDL en stdc++ are already installed :) you can now enjoy GLBasic App under Linux :)

I tested this on my PC (AMD x64) with Ubuntu 11.04

Have fun and Happy GLB !

FAQ / Re: Books
« on: 2011-Aug-29 »
Just buy it :)

GLBasic - en / libs and Linux for GLBasic
« on: 2011-Aug-29 »
Hello :)

How as you can see, I try to make some games work in Linux. But I try to make them work more easier for the end user.

Here :

I try to show a way to find libs we need with more ease (for ex with Fedora dist), but I wonder several things about that :

There are two FAQ about it

the first here :

and the second here :

I try yesterday on a fresh install of ubuntu 11.04 and it seems that we just need to install SDL mixer and stdc++ and that's all.

But in other dist like fedora, we need more to make games work.

Are these two FAQ up to date ? or something change since ?

These libs are always required ( ?

I think that could be a little tricky for someone who want to test on linux a game. May be there is a way to put the lib in the same directory and make an Export in a bash file before run the game ?

I need some informations about linux export.

Thank you in advance, and one more time : sorry for my poor english :)

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