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Off Topic / Re: Pseudo 3D road
« on: 2015-Dec-23 »
It is in GLBasic and converted from the Javascript tutorial (link in first post) that is really well pseudo 3d explained.

Off Topic / Re: Pseudo 3D road
« on: 2015-Dec-23 »
Okay. Who did this brilliant conversion?  :happy:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Looks good and I like how there are RPi offline versions too.

Bug Reports / Re: RPi 3D X_ROTATION crashes
« on: 2015-Dec-13 »
Just discovered there is no way to convert a string to float = -nan (RPi).  :sick: :noggin:

Bug Reports / RPi 3D X_ROTATION crashes
« on: 2015-Dec-11 »
Although I've attempted unsuccessfully many times to, I decided to try out 3D carefully on the Raspberry Pi 2 again and gladly discovered that it works very well this time. The problems that I encountered was X_ROTATION only caused the crash (segmentation fault or sometimes bus error). Also, SIN and COS are not working so I easily replaced that with QSIN/QCOS, to rotate the camera around the object. Ambient light work 95% but some flickering from scene rotation but spotlights don't work. Test file attached.

 ;) 8)

GLBasic - en / Re: Raspberry Pi Zero
« on: 2015-Dec-11 »
You'd think $5 with zero day access would apply inversely for Moore's Law also?!  :noggin: I want it now when there is hype and discovery!  :D

I see what you mean bigS and I did have something like this. Pardon the complexity and I don't expect a complete solution, although the idea of any type parent was so that it could be generally called, well in this case the fruit may also be not in of basket type (eg. basket, box, bag have item_id).

Code: GLBasic [Select]

TYPE _container
    fruit_sealed AS _group
    fruit_fresh AS _group

GLOBAL box as _container  // not the same as _base


Ah. i was hoping it to be like Javascript, which is not real nor life either.  8)

GLBasic - en / Re: Raspberry Pi Zero
« on: 2015-Dec-09 »
Send me one!  :D :D

There's so many clones, like the Roseberry Pi which is very fast.

There's self. but how can I reference nested type referencing?   :-[
Logically, should there be parent. also?   :zzz:

Nested TYPE Example:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
TYPE _item
    FUNCTION set: = basket.item_id                    // absolute
// = parent.parent.item_id       // would prefer relative          

TYPE _group
    apple AS _item
    banana AS _item

TYPE _base
    fruit AS _group

GLOBAL basket as _base

GLBasic - en / Re: Raspberry Pi Zero
« on: 2015-Dec-08 »
Take a look to Raspberry PI Zero...

Hmm never heard of it.

GLBasic - en / Re: Raspberry Pi Zero
« on: 2015-Dec-08 »
Not sure when I can get mine but I really need to replace some Arduino projects in thin spaces, though they are no as quick as the RPi2.  ;)
When including stocking, shipping and extra wifi and adapter kits, the price is not much less. I look forward to when I'm able to visit the local electronics store and actually pay $5 for it.
Anyhow, so now it's a race to who tests the first GLBasic program on it I suppose.  :D

GLBasic - en / Re: 2D graphics primitives
« on: 2015-Dec-07 »
I had assumed there was a library of drawing functions, but it is less formal than that ...

By assumption there are many, as we all have our own developed type libraries over time and so I suggest you do that to. A "solid circle" (which does not exist) is really a disc, so by interpretation it can't be a fixed GLBasic command due to vague term.

Nice with the bump maps but innovative step backwards for me as I would prefer GLBasic code to produce run-time textures.  :-[

Off Topic / Re: Matchy LWO Blender
« on: 2015-Dec-02 »
The idea is to get all the cars on screen right now and a freeway and/or car park demo would suit. Again, I'm looking for a 3d object that go on the side of the road, like trees and shrubs.

Lyzo's BlitzBasic remake is quite good.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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