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FAQ / Palm Pre - WebOS Doctor HowTo
« on: 2011-Feb-03 »
Shooting into the knee and back :help:

How to use the webOSdoctor without  (many) Problems .

I'll show you my first walk with the Doctor, the upcoming Problems
and my Solution for these.

First of all webOSdoctor is an easy to use Programm  but handle with care.

Prepare for the Fight :

(if it possible so get a second sim card with internet flatrate from someone) !!!

If you will get your data back from your Palmprofile
              you need : the email adress from your Palmprofile
                             : your Password
                             : your answer for the question from the Palmprofile

If you a "Firstrunner" or you forget your Palmprofile Datas or you will make a new
Palmprofile so you need a working Email Account .

One of most importend things do you need is SIM CARD with an INTERNET FLATRATE !

Also you need the the APN and the Password for your Sim Card / Flatrate-Provider

You need the right webOSdoctor for your Device /Provider/Seller !!!
Get your from the HP Site

So let us Start :

Be shure you have a full Batterie (Akku) in your Device !!!
Please disconnect your device from your Pc/MAC !!!
Start webOSdoctor  set your Language and accept the License .
(at this time it is possible what the doc will install the novacom service ,thats ok)
If the Doc show you the "NO DEVICE" Dialog shut down the Doc.
Now connect the Device .
Run the Doc again with a connected Device .
Doc will reinstall webs in under 10 Min. (1.4.5)

DONT  remove the usb cable or change your Akku while the doc works !!!!   
DONT  remove the usb cable or change your Akku while the doc works !!!!

The Device will reboot if webOSdoctor ready !
My Pre  starts with the First Run App.
Now u can put your Account Datas in .
It is possible what the Device cant  connected the Internet !
Maybe he ask you for the APN, put it in.
If the pre ask again be shure for the right APN and Password and you must have  a  3G  or  a HDSPA!  Connection !
Without these the device  ask again and again and agin and ...
Will all going wrong please test a second sim card from a friend
If all these  ok now , so  its your choose to make a new profile or get some old datas back from your palm account

hope this help

what should i say :
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Off Topic / 11000mah Batterie extender
« on: 2011-Feb-02 »
well if u use iphone/ipad/ipod /palmpre  or all other over  usb powered/charging  devices maybe this is a tool for you .

Bug Reports / webos sleep < 1000 not working ?
« on: 2011-Feb-01 »
Code: GLBasic [Select]
FOR r= 1 TO 10
   blub =GETTIMERALL()  
   SLEEP 300
   blab = GETTIMERALL()
   blib = blab-blub
   PRINT blib,1,3 +(r*10)

show me

less as 1000 ms for sleep give me not the right time for the delay
you also ?

edited   !!

GLBasic - en / Big numbers Mathematik
« on: 2011-Jan-29 »

Is where a fast way to calculate  with big numbers on mobile devices ? ( 4byte )
Should i use a string routine for that , or have someone a better way to do this ?


Code: GLBasic [Select]
Modell und Browser      BrowserMark-Punkte  

iPhone (Standard-Browser)       24.845  
Motorola Milestone (Standard-Browser)   15.283  
HTC HD2 (Opera Mobile 9)        14.225  
Nokia N900 (Firefox Mobile – Fennec)          13.679  
SonyEricsson Xperia X10 (Standard-Browser)      13.413  
Nokia N900 (Standard-Browser)   8.539  
HTC HD2 (IE)    5.673  
Nokia N97 (Opera Mobile 10)     4.666  
Samsung i8910HD (Standard-Browser)      3.992  
Nokia N97 (Standard-Browser)    3.277  

Announcements / maybe not new or cool but ...
« on: 2011-Jan-24 »
look yourself <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

its playing rnd ascii because if you know the text u read all ;)
not synced or something yet only a little test ;)

ok i used the search function but these link possible outdated or killed, so i ask here .

i have some b3d editor flying around some from others and also my own .
also i have some fine  b3d files on my harddrive .
has anybodey converted b3d files with the glb converter to ddd ?
works with animation and all textures ?

also i cant found a b3d loader .

before i start to to i will ask for ...


GLBasic - en / sendmail anyone ?!
« on: 2011-Jan-22 »
before i go to start for writing myown sendmail routine i will ask if anyone has do this allready?

i cant wait !! so much fun

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

he is really -- Pxxxxx of  lol
Right in the Juwels !

Announcements / VMWARE FUSION for less money
« on: 2011-Jan-03 »
price drops down until 7 January!
its a must have for osx user imean !

GLBasic - de / hihi
« on: 2011-Jan-02 »

Das ist mein bester Barsch  , der erste im Neuen Jahr   es fängt also gut an !

Announcements / WEBCAM for WINDOWS
« on: 2010-Dec-25 »
HI ,


 i know it beeps ;) but its a small test .
show me your win version and the Pixeldepth if it work or not .


this rar contains  a dll , a blitzbasic exe as demo  and the source   

i hope somebody can help me and show me the glb code for the dll.
i have written some code but noone will work  :giveup:

thx  marmor

ok i got the first dll call allright  :happy: but the second one is mystic for me

GLBasic - de / kinect hacking ...
« on: 2010-Nov-16 »

warum komm ich mir eigendlich so doof vor wenn ich sowas sehe ?? :D :D :D

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