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Thanks Space :P

Once everything is ready ill link to GLBasic from my website so that people know about this via my page.

Thanks all.

Totally unexpected.

This morning I got an e-mail from Steam.

6 Nights has been greenlit. A total shocker, I was not even keeping track of it and lost hope hehe.

Now I have to negotiate the terms etc with them. Lets see how it goes.


GLBasic - en / Re: Tweet
« on: 2015-Mar-06 »
That all sounds great, but which command should be used from within GLBasic, I ask because Netwebend switches from application to default browser.

I would be really interested to make this work, this could be beneficial for everyone too, not just me.


GLBasic - en / Tweet
« on: 2015-Mar-06 »
Hi guys,

Is it possible to tweet from your program via GLBasic without exiting. People do not like their game to exit or lose focus when they tweet.

Your thoughts?

I had faith in too.

I am not going to lie Erico, no sales, not even one lol.
Could be the game genre?

I have even lowered price to $1.00 but nothing.


6 nights passed the stages needed to appear on the Desura games network.

Hopefully it does well.


GLBasic - en / Re: iOS - inapp purchase
« on: 2015-Feb-10 »
That's the one from Matchy, which was used by Ampos. So that was the one you used?

That is not Space's one, I think, but do correct me if I am wrong.

Apparently Ampos made it to work and I read that Kitty also did it and he actually got his first sale lol.

I never looked at that one, I will take a look at that then.
For me in-app purchase is the only way to go from now unfortunately.

Thanks guys for comments.

GLBasic - en / Re: iOS - inapp purchase
« on: 2015-Feb-10 »
Alex a heads up on what you did. I will try to follow from there and see if I can get it to work. Non-consumable is okay for me at least it is better than not having in-app. Thing is I need this and need it fast for my upcoming project.
Thanks guys.

GLBasic - en / Re: iOS - inapp purchase
« on: 2015-Feb-10 »
I had a look into the section you mentioned and when Ampos did it, but it is very old post and perhaps not even working now. I tried to follow but to be honest got lost. A guide with a working program is what we need. plus I saw some posts that the cancel thing was not working and then got lost completely. For us to succeed we need in-app purchase imo. 90% of successful apps are driven by in-apps. People just want free downloads and then buy stupid stuff in games. I hate the idea but it is the only way forward. I wish I could do this myself but obj-c is a no no for me.

GLBasic - en / iOS - inapp purchase
« on: 2015-Feb-09 »
Hey all, I need something very important.

Has anyone recently implemented in-app purchase on iOS.
I need non-consumable and consumables. This is essential for my upcoming project.

Anyone has done this. Please I need a guide, a 100% working guide. I'll reward you don't worry.

Thanks all.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Crashes
« on: 2015-Jan-26 »
Keep it up SpaceFractal, seriously man, change your nick to SpaceMachine :)

Its good to see you on this. I will definately continue using GLBasic. Once you have this working I'd like to have a word with you Space, if that's okay with you ofcourse :)


6 Nights is now available to try out free for iPhone and iPad, it is an enjoyable game for all to enjoy.
It is the perfect blend between Hotel and Monopoly, and it is a game that will keep you coming back for more.

Please leave us a rating if you like it.
If you really want to support this project please consider getting the full version and unlock extra goodies.
We are already on version 1.3 and working real hard to bring version 1.4 to bring more cool content to 6 Nights.

Take a few minutes to download this title, you will not regret it.

Thanks for reading.

App Store Link:

6 Nights video
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

GLBasic - en / Re: Past versions GLB
« on: 2015-Jan-14 »
Hi guys,

I never thought HTML was working for any of the GLbasic versions, please correct me if I am wrong :)

GLBasic - es / Re: Feliz año nuevo
« on: 2015-Jan-13 »
Bien venida Belen.

Si me parece buena idea Mental. Ahora si es que no contesto es porque me e quedado dormido encima de el Laptop programando otro de mis juegos, que llevo por lo menos 14 ya.

Para el que no lo sepa mi ultimo juego que esta en Steam Greenlight tiene de votos que te caga. hehe. No creo que lo conseguire pero es muy positivo, no me lo esperaba para nada. Estoy esho una maquina haha

Aqui lo podeis ver. ALguien juega a WOW? estoy jugando otra vez. No me lo puedo creer :)

See ya :)

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