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Ouch! looks like buying a good, working Android device is very hit and miss.

Yep, it's a bit of a mine field really, I know of two people now that have Android device's and have needed to rip into it to enable hardware acceleration, the devices are quite adequate to run OpenGL ES, but, it seems when a manufacturer makes a phone £50 cheaper, they automatically dumb the guts of it down... Which is plain stupid really!

Reminds me when I had a little bit of a ding dong in PC World, I was just browsing and stopped to look at a laptop, one of the hawks must of seen my interest and was over in a shot... He give all the usual guff, and proceeded to tell me it was "Vista Ready", so I said "Oh really, so that's what that 'Vista Ready' sticker means then.", with a little smirk...

Anyway, I asked him what are the new features of Windows Vista [Which I knew anyway], he give me it all, and as expected "DirectX 10 gaming", so I asked if the laptop could play DirectX 10 games (It had an Intel GMA, so I knew it couldnt), he said "No", so then I said "But you said its Vista Ready, and there's a sticker on it saying its Vista Ready, but if I cannot play new games on it, then its obviously not ready is it?"

He then proceeded to tell me "Yes, but the machine is capable of running all other features of Vista", I replied "I know, but your advertising it as Vista Ready, which in my mind, it should run all features of Vista, not a subset, why is there no sticker or information saying that?"

I finished off saying it was a bit of a con, said I'd lost interest and walked out of the store! :)

I'm a bugger for that I really am!


What is the most popular screen size to develop games on the Android, 800x480?

Android is quite PC'ey in that respect, there's quite a few, the general consensus is that you should let your app run at it's native resolution and then scale it to suit.

I've been playing with monkey and this works across HTML5, iOS and Android:-

Code: GLBasic [Select]

Import mojo

' Store the device width and height

' Game Width and Height
Const WIDTH#=320
Const HEIGHT#=240

Global game:MyGame

Function Main:Int()
        game = New MyGame()
        Return 0
End Function

Class MyGame Extends App
        Field FPS% = 60
        Field mx%
        Field my%
        Method OnCreate:Int()
                SetUpdateRate FPS
                ' Store the device width and height
                SCREEN_WIDTH = DeviceWidth()
                SCREEN_HEIGHT = DeviceHeight()
                Return 0
        End Method
        Method OnUpdate:Int()
                If TouchHit()
                        mx = TouchX() / (SCREEN_WIDTH/WIDTH)
                        my = TouchY() / (SCREEN_HEIGHT/HEIGHT)
                Return 0
        End Method
        Method OnRender:Int()
                SetColor 255,255,255
                DrawRect 100,100,32,32
                SetColor 255,0,255
                DrawRect mx,my,1,1
                DrawText mx+":"+my,0,0
                Return 0
        End Method
End Class


GLBasic - en / Re: [ANDROID] First Impressions
« on: 2011-Apr-02 »
Smashing stuff!!! :D


GLBasic - en / Re: [ANDROID] First Impressions
« on: 2011-Mar-29 »
I definitely think if Android is in then it'll knock the shine off BRL's new monkey language!

Android and iOS are the only platforms I'm currently interested in... So, hats off to you fella's!!! :D


Off Topic / Re: Awesome Demo on Amstrad CPC.
« on: 2011-Mar-23 »
CPC relic here too! :D

Programmed on the Amstrad CPC well into the mid-90's, ran a PD Library most of my 8-bit programming, to say I don't miss my little CPC is an absolute lie!


Off Topic / Re: Infringements - help!
« on: 2011-Mar-17 »
Bit naff all this, and they know very well small developers havent got the clout to take them up on their challenges!

Ironically, Hasbro own Atari, which last year, nearly every developer that built  something that resembled a 1970's atari game were hit with C&D's...

We should start an internet campaign that tells people all about their little 'you have Operation in your keywords' bollocks and they should resist buying Hasbro games if they agree that they are too big for their boots!

Because sadly, biting them in the pocket is the only way these companies will ever learn!


Off Topic / Re: News from twitter...
« on: 2011-Mar-03 »
some rumors say android and bada is on the way !

Yeah, I know, though, will it be here within a fortnight?

I'm in proper dev mode at the minute, so, once my current project is finished, I'll be ramming in another straight off the bat... I'm already thinking about it in my minds eye when I'm tucked up in bed! :D


Off Topic / Re: News from twitter...
« on: 2011-Mar-03 »
There seems to be quite a few teething troubles regarding it at the minute, and currently, a good few are very weary in purchasing the full version.

Coming from a Blitz background I was really looking forward to monkey, but, the general lack of noise from BRL before release was deafening, also, I have faith in BRL's overall capability, but, I have very little faith in their beta testers... As an example BlitzMax got updated to DX9, everyone was happy... Me and Gfk (For people who know him) were talking in our shoutbox and the conversion got around to an old bug which was fixed.. So, we fired up both our projects and just had a look to see if everything was running ok... Which is when we stumbled on the mother of all memory leaks caused by the DX9 driver.

I asked the question why such a memory leak got past beta when all you had to do is fire up Taskmanager and run the app for a few minutes to see it in all its memory scranning glory!

So, in regards, I'm pleased its out into the wild, a few month it'll probably be usable for me personally, currently, I have another fortnight dev time on my next game, so, I'll probably decide if I'm using that or GLBasic... I'll be torn between the two mind, but being able to do Android will probably steer me whatever way.


Off Topic / Re: Android device
« on: 2011-Mar-02 »
Not sure exactly why, but in some cases, phones that come from certain foreign countries dont have the Market app installed, then I've heard that only 'approved' phones come with Market... If it were me, I'd just make sure the phone I bought had it on, because I've just looked and in some cases its a nightmare to get it installed.


lol, this is what I love about Indie games... Sheer mental class! ;)


GLBasic - en / Re: About Mac IDE
« on: 2011-Feb-26 »
Agree with Qube... This will be a boon when you get it done!!!

Yep... If you released it commercially, I would support it... I do with Blide (Which is a IDE for BlitzMax).... A decent IDE is worth its weight in gold!


GLBasic - en / Re: Dropping Mac PPC support?
« on: 2011-Feb-26 »
Well, I don´t think you have to drop any platform. Perhaps somebody needs make something in PPC, well is obsolete

I've never actually met anyone with a PPC, to be fair, theres only a few I know with an Intel Mac, then... I know plenty of people with an iThing, on top of that I probably know more people with an Android phone now.

If the platform is obsolete, and a user of that platform says it is... Then I can see no better reason then getting rid!


GLBasic - en / Re: Dropping Mac PPC support?
« on: 2011-Feb-24 »
I think Android is a must, since, erm, I have a HTC Desire! :D

Nah, seriously... Currently, I'm loving using GLBasic, but BRL's monkey isnt very far from being released, which includes these export options:-

* HTML5 - HTML5 compatible browser required for testing.
* Flash - Open source Flex SDK required.
* XNA - Visual C# Express + XNA framework
* Android - The Android SDK (plus Java SDK and 'Ant' on Windows).
* Native (ie: C++) - Mingw/GCC (will probably add visualc support too in future).
* iPhone - XCode.

Not to be sniffed at... On a personal level, HTML5 (Provide online demos of my games), XNA, Android and iPhone are all targets I'd love to get games on.


GLBasic - en / Re: PIRACY: the solution
« on: 2011-Feb-21 »
remember? GLBasic is not a serious language!

How could I forget that GLBasic let me create my first iOS game in one month (Night's and weekends), and it managed to get said game on the app store without a hiccup....

If that's not an example of a serious game dev language then show me one that is?

Not serious... Pffft... B'lox!!!


GLBasic - en / Re: PIRACY: the solution
« on: 2011-Feb-21 »
Then technically all you have to do is set a flag (encrypted somehow obviously so can't just use an iPhone explorer to change things) to say it's using the full version and switch in the functionality.

I would like to say this could be a great thing... But, theres some clever buggers out there that will probably take this up and will indeed beat it.... Companies spend millions on this stuff, they hire the cleverest of people that specialize in this field... Yet, all it takes is one bedroom coder to figure it out and wallop... It all goes down the pan.

I see DRM as a good thing, but, I also understand that its nothing more then damage limitation when it comes to post-release sales.


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