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Any news about this, I'm looking forward to it as well...

GLBasic - en / Re: Weird FMOD/MOD result!
« on: 2010-Jan-31 »
Hello Moru,

Your code helps to understand whether the mouse is just clicked or was down for a while but when I try it in my case, I see the mouse is still down (even with your code) although both of the mouse buttons has been released and this happens until I click to mouse button once more, than everything get corrected. Also, this only happens at a particular screemn, which is "game completed". At that screen, when I click the mouse button I see it returns to main menu, clicks on new game and even does jump moves within the game if I don't touch it  =D.

About the issue above, I could have a workaround by removing my time based movement on fall down and only using integer fixed step increase/decrease. This did solve the FMOD/MOD behavior (not perfect but you can't understand the difference easily) so this is definiately a hidden precision problem.

I'll still try to share those experiment with Gernot so maybe he can find the real cause of them, whether they are a bug, feature or a mistake made by me.

Thank you all....


GLBasic - en / Re: Weird FMOD/MOD result!
« on: 2010-Jan-31 »
Hello There,

Thanks for your response. I agree with you that the behavior I see does not happen everytime, just in some cases and once it happens, I always get the same weird result on the following calculations. I can't use integer values as my game progresses using the gametime and depending on that, values can be non or fractional. The interesting thing is that, the values you see in the screenshot, all of them are integer, otherwise I could blame the precision of my values for that.

Maybe I should send my whole project to Gernot to let him check it as I've one more weird behavior regarding to MouseButton states though it's not that important as it does not break my game mechanic like this one. In the shot you saw, the ball should have fallen onto the blocks but it keeps staying on top of the stars :).



GLBasic - en / Weird FMOD/MOD result!
« on: 2010-Jan-30 »
I seem to get a very weird result on FMOD/MOD operation which does not happen always.  I'm using this line of code :

ModValueY = FMOD(InGame_CurrentY + InGame_BallY - InGame_BallYShift,32)

And the screenshot you see, from left to right, are the values ModValueY (32), InGame_CurrentY (-48), InGame_BallY  (144) and InGame_BallYShift (0). The FMOD/MOD result should be 0 where it's 32 in this example and I get even weirder results such as 1.2356....-e04 or something.

To make sure, I even recalculate the ModValueY just before the line I print this into the screen so none of the calculation values has changed since I did FMOD and even weirder, there should be no 32 as a result.

Anybody has any idea?


[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / Rounding numbers!
« on: 2010-Jan-29 »
In some cases, I need to round a number to closest upper and some cases into closest lower integer value. I only see INTEGER command which I think only rounds to closest lower integer number. Is there any such command in GLBasic or do I need to implement my own?



Option 3 is not possible as I've multiple mouses that I tested and also no windows app does reproduce this behavior. With Option 1, you mean without drawing anything, etc. into the screen I assume? I'll also give a shot to the MOUSEAXIS function.

Thanks a lot...


Hi There,

I already experimented that if the mouse button is down, MOUSESTATE always return 1 and not for one time. That's ok and what I see happens after I release the mouse button and till I click once more, it assumes that the mousebutton is still down.

Thanks for the reply though...


Hello There,

When I use MOUSESTATE to get the click state of the mouse button to see whether a menu item is clicked, I sometimes encounter that MouseButton1 always returning 1 after I click only one time to the mouse button. I use local variables to get those values. Is there anything else I need to do to reset the MOUSESTATE or something?

By the way, this seems to be occuring on Windows 7 PC and not on IPod Touch that I tested.


Thank you, I'll follow that route...

Hello Guys,

Still not released his first game for IPhone :) but this is something that I read a lot on game reviews that updates are caused loss of current game progress, etc. so I want to prevent this from the beginning. As default to GLBasic, I use "Media" folder for all my data location. I'll create an ini file at there, which won't be available at first deployment, to keep the game progress, etc. Will this guarantee that my ini file will be still there when the user updates it's game or an update means completely deleting all folders of old installation and make a fresh one?

Would appreciate if somebody has any experience about this and gives a reply...


Off Topic / Re: Apple iPad!
« on: 2010-Jan-27 »
I also hope that GLBasic will support native IPad with little or no changes at all at code base...

I've converted my frame based logic to time based and the speed is the same as in desktop, thank you,  especially MrTAToad... :D

I thought so as well and started to change the fps based paradigm to time based one. Other than that, I use a 1st generation IPod touch which has slower processor which I think affects it as well.

Something that I wondering is that the GLBasic created xcode is a native code to be compiled for IPhone I guess, I mean no additional layer acting as a run-time or something which affects the speed as well?


Hello There,

Finally, I could deploy my first test game on IPod Touch. Everything seems to be fine apart that the gameplay is slower than what I see in PC. Does anybody know why this happens?

I don't have much processing that takes time and also the game fps is set to 60.



Don't know if it's related with this one but I see something similar when I run a MAC build. I run it on a snow leopard and it seems that in a second or something, the game stucks for a while and than draws all the frames it couldn't do since the stuck time quickly into the screen one after another.


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