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GLBasic - en / Re: Playmusic freeze
« on: 2019-Jul-24 »
Yes I noticed if the game is running from a slow speed drive or a pen drive, it struggles when streaming music.
I really wish the music I´m using was IT as I suspect I would not bring all that trouble that way.

GLBasic - en / Re: Playmusic freeze
« on: 2019-Jul-22 »
Ok, I got some hints about doing that from the forum and will update my framework to use that for future games.

I think there was a racer and an elite type of game that were pretty neat. Might be a bit hard to find those on the forum.

GLBasic - en / Playmusic freeze
« on: 2019-Jul-17 »
Hello there, quick question:
I have been getting a quick computer freeze every time music is played with that command.
Mp3 is horrible as it takes more than a full second, raw wav takes 1/10 of a second. But all motion freezes.

What the heck, that did not happen on my old machine but happens on my new one, which was a lot of trouble taking win 10 out to use win 7, lots of drive problems.

So, is that only on my side? Is anyone experiencing problems with playmusic and loop?

Tried v16 steam and no good either, tried at 2 friends pc and wav raw had no problem, which leads me to think my drivers are bugged.
One could switch to playsound though. What do you guys think?

GLBasic - en / Re: It's the time !
« on: 2019-Jul-17 »
Sounds like a good idea, specially with mini game attached.
What 3d system do you plan to use? The standard one?
One could also freeze high quality textures with shadows and shades and map it for some cool fx.

GLBasic - en / Re: It's the time !
« on: 2019-Jul-01 »
what do you have in mind? :good:

Great! will soon check it out, I have to make a review too, will do so on this version! :booze:

Off Topic / Re: Color Palette Generator Online
« on: 2019-Jun-21 »
Didn´t know about that paletton Moru, quite interesting. :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: What is that?
« on: 2019-Jun-21 »
That is awesome! Modern vikings!
edit:oh wait, I see comments like "10 years ago"? ahhhh it is an old video! :D :D :D Never saw it before I guess, looks nice.

That is quite the library offered! :)

Great news Gernot! <3

The Visual C++ install worked fine, and also fine on my 2 monitor system.
Very fast indeed. Can the camera be placed inside the shadows?
Collision feels VERY right!

Amazing project, will keep an eye into it.

Damn my new computer cant start the app:
"unable to start correctly (0xc0150002)"

It is probably related to missing installed libs or MS c++ stuff on my system, but ones that don´t come as standard.

Off Topic / Re: 80ties
« on: 2019-Apr-29 »
Reminds me of redsector demomaker on the amiga.
...and ye, Replicants are better! ;)

edit: Not pirates but artists.  :P

Hello Zethael, welcome!

That is a bit of a difficult question because it will depend on your hardware and things like resolution and whatnot.
Let´s see if one of our friends here, specially the ones who use 3d more, can shed some light.

If I was on your shoes, this is what I would do:
-create a simple project on, let´s say, full hd resolution.
-add objects with a counted polygon till it slows down.
This would give me a certain measure, but your game logic may also slow things down, so I would work with some 1/4 reduction on the total.

Anyways, lets hear what others have to say. I´m interested on the subject but on a little different front. I´d like to know how many characters with a certain complex AI I can hold in a real time simulation. Like a real time rogue like with 50k live entities. This is also a hard question as it depends on the processor and the AI coded, but with the approach above I can sure get some base numbers.

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