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GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« on: 2019-Dec-07 »
I have a GPH CAANOO and older versions of GLBasic works fine with it, I haven´t tried the STEAM version with it yet though.
Some users here do compile for the wince, so they might shed a light on this issue.

v10 and 14 seems to work fine on my end, v15 and v16 have the strange behavior.

And here with a 512x512 setscreen
Both are from the latest GLB STEAM version.

edit: a very wide shot ... it would not have anything to do with polyvectors right?

Yep the 3d cursor moved.
No msg like that on the debug console.

Hello Bigsofty, this is probably a bug I guess? Or maybe something changed relating to 3d coords.

I tried it with GLB10 and it works fine as well as with GLB14. They both also show antialiase the correct way (imho).
GLB 15 and 16 showed the mismatch you stated.
I did not get the FBO error msg.

Mr.plow´s replies seems to cover everything as far as I can think about it.
I personally use the virtual screen for that but it truly depends on the game type.

This game here is sidescroller and tile based, it uses a virtual screen as I account for stuff just outside the play area.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

What is your game supposed to be?

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D in GLBasic?
« on: 2019-Nov-15 »
I see, that is more complex than I thought it would be.
Box 2d is probably a faster solution than creating a system on your own.
Did you make it work?

I have the burger and the avocado game ready for android, as far as coding, controls and screen goes. I have no idea on how to add the ads.
I still have to save for the android license but I struggle between making another PC game against taking time to finish the android port.
Most probably before march I can come up with something, then I will come around pestering you guys for advises! :)

Exactly, increase sound length with silence and add the 4 buffers so they can play together overlapping from a single playsound call.
Gotta be aware not to go over the buffer limits per sample or you can design a sound system with multiple playsound calls.

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D in GLBasic?
« on: 2019-Nov-13 »
I can´t remember any out of my mind.
I guess a person could wrap one into it but it is a lower level complex stuff (I don´t know how to do it).
You can also write your own system in which depending on the nature of the project, may not be much work and all within standard basic.

What do you plan to use it with?
Can you describe how in-project you want it working?

I experienced some trouble with android sounds too in the past.
Mostly, sounds that were short in length (like half a second and less) and got played and stopped very fast didn´t work out, It ended up not playing some of the samples (imagine a machine gun sound). That didn´t happen on pc of course.

Can you be more specific? If you have code and needs testing I can give a hand.

In my case, I ended up changing those sounds until I got into a "working" condition.

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D in GLBasic?
« on: 2019-Nov-13 »
Yes, that one, thanks. (I searched for those words, maybe I didn´t search well enough)
For 3d yep, for 2d I guess the box one is the way to go.

Announcements / Re: Server change
« on: 2019-Nov-12 »
How is the transition going?
Is it safe now to post heavy image threads again?

About STEAM showcase, I have 3 more games (2 are free) that could be shown and another one coming up very soon (should be 1.99 for a while and then it will be free).
I thought about just posting on the GLBasic community area on steam but if any of the games show a gameplay different than what we already have on the showroom, it might help adding it as it may show future users certain style is possible.

I haven´t got the time yet to mess with the whole glb steam activity yet but will look into it these next months.

Announcements / Re: Book
« on: 2019-Nov-12 »
Nice, got me curious to peek into it.
I like the idea around it.

Announcements / Re: Book
« on: 2019-Nov-12 »
Yep, seems like a neat book.
Does it have some sample pages?

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