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Userlibs [ *.gbal] / Re: [iPhone] GLBMusic
« on: 2010-Feb-09 »
I was thinking, maybe the moderators would allow an area on the forum for all the extensions that are being added to the iPhone. Just a thought.  ;) It would be nice if all the iPhone specific stuff was kept in an easy to find area.  8)

Userlibs [ *.gbal] / Re: [iPhone] GLBMusic
« on: 2010-Feb-09 »
Nice, what else can be said. Once again awesome. Thank you for your contributions of cool libs for the iPhone.  :good:

3D-snippets / Re: 3D Entity System [DE]
« on: 2010-Feb-09 »
Is the link at the start of this thread the correct and latest version?  :)

Userlibs [ *.gbal] / Re: [iPhone] Agon
« on: 2010-Feb-08 »
@trucidare  :nw: Awesome!!!

Is Newton implemented as a .dll???

FAQ / Re: Apple App Store search on the iPhone
« on: 2010-Feb-07 »
Yes, thanks. :good:

Userlibs [ *.gbal] / Re: [iPhone] OpenFeint
« on: 2010-Feb-02 »
This is just AWESOME. Thank you!!  :)

Off Topic / Re: GLBASIC iTouch and OpenFeint
« on: 2010-Jan-21 »
 :enc: :nw:

GLBasic - en / Re: Iphone GUI
« on: 2010-Jan-19 »
Last I heard it was almost ready.  :enc:

Off Topic / Re: GLBASIC iTouch and OpenFeint
« on: 2010-Jan-19 »
We are almost there!

OpenFeint running on GLBasic:

Nice.  :good:

Off Topic / Re: GLBASIC iTouch and OpenFeint
« on: 2010-Jan-18 »
Any chance of putting in an interface to OpenFeint into GLBasic.

This would be really coooooool  :nw:

Userlibs [ *.gbal] / Re: CocoaTouch
« on: 2010-Jan-15 »
i hope ;)
one problem with tableViews :( they are not scrollable O.o

After solving this i can create a beta xcode project and glb lib

 :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc:

GLBasic - en / Re: a Simple Iphone App Code?
« on: 2010-Jan-12 »
Gernot went to great extents to get Apple to accept GLBasic as a development platform for iTunes... one of which, is to agree to develop on Apple hardware... this discussion is not one that will be read in a favourable light within Apple with regards to Gernots agreement.

My advice is not to discuss Hackintoshes on these forums, especially in the same context as GLBasic or none of us may end up publishing anything on the Appstore, Apple hardware based or not...

Maybe time for a thread lock?

I agree!!!  ;)

If anybody is interested, this is how I do it.

I have an old XP laptop networked to my MacBook Pro. EASY PEASY  8)

GLBasic - en / Re: a Simple Iphone App Code?
« on: 2010-Jan-09 »
I am aware that you can use a netbook with OSX. I thought it was illegal. I'm just trying to give the correct information.  :)

GLBasic - en / Re: a Simple Iphone App Code?
« on: 2010-Jan-08 »
Just out of curiosity, is it required to have a mac to compile for the iphone? Or do you just need one for testing?

You will need a MAC to compile for iPhone.  :good:

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